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  • MinnowChaser
    Blog: MinnowChaser's blog. By MinnowChaser at 5:55 PM.
    I missed a two foot Brown trout on small tributary tonight--in fact, not only did I miss it; it hit TWICE. The second time was a heart stopping vicious top water strike that I inexplicably managed to not hook: now to be honest, the even bigger agony is coming home to explain to a bunch of...
  • mlmbmurphy
    Blog: mlmbmurphy's blog. By mlmbmurphy at 2:46 PM.
    Hi Everyone, I now have some time to catch up on habitat work. Got a problem.....The Box Elder, Poplar, Cottonwood etc is out of control down near the river. I need to get this reversed. They seem to be too big and too many to resolve with a chainsaw. Should I try "hack and squirt" to kill them?...
  • ryan1985
    Blog: ryan1985's blog. By ryan1985 at 3:15 PM.
    is it legal in Michigan to have a gun range in your basement?
  • stelmon
    Blog: Great Lakes Edge. By stelmon at 7:14 PM.
    [IMG]You have shot your buck for the season. Every buck deserves to have a spot in the house no matter how big it is. I love looking at my trophies on the wall because it takes me back to that day of harvest. I remember everything from the hunt, the people, the weather to the time of the kill....
  • Dec
    Blog: huntfishlive's blog. By huntfishlive at 2:17 AM.
    I have so much to say that I"ve been typing and erasing for an hour (+ -). There's so much I want to do. I want to hunt ( big and small game). I want to fish (lakes to rivers), I want to learn to trap, I want to learn to garden, I want to learn the ways of the richest ( in my opinion) people...
  • stelmon
    Blog: Great Lakes Edge. By stelmon at 4:00 PM.
    [IMG] Every year hunters hit the woods in search of the elusive whitetail. Some will succeed at killing; other will never get an opportunity. The hunters that don’t succeed then look for an answer or somebody else to blame. However, is there anyone else to blame but possibly yourself? I believe...
  • Nov
    Evan bobola
    Blog: Evan bobola's blog. By Evan bobola at 9:15 PM.
    From a beginner trapper,can I use my deer as bait for coyotes and foxes in northern lower peninsula?
  • Nov
    Blog: bullseyebob's blog. By bullseyebob at 9:01 AM.
    Want to get into making and smoking my own (hopefully edible) meat products. Looking at electric smokers but after reading reviews for both Master Built and Bradley's, sounds like a crap shoot if it works or not. Anyone have suggestions or are electric ones worth it and are they as easy as they...
  • Nov
    Blog: FairHavenangler's blog. By FairHavenangler at 10:54 PM.
    Any information, tips, pictures, discussion on bobcats. Bobcat harvest info at this link-
  • Keith scott
    Blog: Keith scott's blog. By Keith scott at 3:02 PM.
    I'm just looking for someone to go duck hunting with I have a boat no motor and I got a lot of duck decoys of all kinds from puddlers to divers no geese decoys I generally hunting weekends I can meet you or you can meet me I don't care just want someone to go hunting with getting older need...
  • Hybrid-Outdoors
    Blog: Hybrid-Outdoors's blog. By Hybrid-Outdoors at 7:22 AM.
    Run and gun. Hang and bang. Call it what you want. For me, there is no better time to utilize a mobile tree stand hunting set up than the early season. Days are still plenty long and there is no need to burn out pre-hung stands during the early season. My favorite mobile set up is the Lone Wolf...
  • Al L
    Blog: Al L's blog. By Al L at 12:52 PM.
    My 1968 deer hunt. Year 1968 Opening day of deer season came during a very uncommon warm spell, some would say a heat wave not seen in so many years they could not remember another. The attire was summer farm jeans with no long johns and a red shirt. The day’s high was 73F, no self respecting...
  • StormFisher
    Blog: StormFisher's blog. By StormFisher at 1:40 AM.
    I recently started fishing for bass last Summer(2015). I grew up a block away from Woods Lake Kalamazoo Michigan so I spend a lot of time down there fishing. My first summer of bass fishing they striking almost anything I casted at them, this year(2016) the bass's behavior seemed to change...
  • JJMax
    Blog: JJMax's blog. By JJMax at 9:14 PM.
    I am looking for recommendations for an overnight ATV trip with my daughter near Gladwin. I'm really looking for trails that have great scenery and gas stations along its route. If there were opportunities for a hotel and restaurants that could be accessed by ATVs that would be a bonus. Thanks...
  • Winterover
    Blog: Winterover's blog. By Winterover at 2:48 PM.
    So after spending a couple days in St. Ignace, then driving across half the UP in the rain, and the other half in drizzle, sunshine, drizzle, sunshine, etc (you get the idea) we have arrived at the cabin we rent for bear hunting. I now remember the downside of being at the West end of the UP. It...