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Discussion in 'IceFishingMichigan.com' started by zx10r2004, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. how are the zercom flashers. i just bought one for me and was wondering how they compare to vexilar or marcums.i just bought it so when my daughter has my fl-20 and my son has my fl-18 i would have something so i dont get bored .:lol:

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  2. What model do you have?

  3. I bought a color point 7 years ago and the thing never worked right. I tried to return it and they wanted to charge me $80 just to look at it. Junked it for a Vexilar and couldn't be happier.
  4. i already have a fl-20 and a fl-18.;) just when i bring my 2 kids icefishing i find myself without a fishfinder:lol: i just bought it to have something to use while fishing with them. im thinking about selling it for another vexilar or m67c. we will see.
  5. My Zercom was the Clearwater Pro and it work fine only drawback the puck leveling was somewhat of a hassle. It was long before the Colorpoint, all grayscale. I now use my Lowrance 102c. I've never used the Colorpoint sorry.
  6. Spend the money on any Marcum flasher and you will be very happy.
  7. i had 2 marcums and they are cheaply made. the knobs cracked and the ir button wouldnt work and had to send it back. no problems with the vexilars.
  8. I'd get the Showdown from Naturevison. Oh..I already have that. It works great. It's all digital and easy to use. I got mine last year when they first came out. They changed the name from VPG to Showdown this year. I sent mine in for a FREE software upgrade this summer. The new Showdown already has the upgraded software in it. The software upgrade fixes problems with interference with other depth finders and add automatic settings. The Showdown would be something different to play with than a whizzing Flasher plus it is absolutely quiet...NO Whizzing noise.
    they are running about $229.00 but might find them on sale sometime before Christmas.

    If you go to my Webshots...In the Ice Fising Album, I took a video with my digital camera and posted it in there. It just shows what it looks like and the lines moving up and down. Just remember I took this with it operating in air...not water.
  9. if you pick up the new infisherman ice fishing magazine it comes with a dvd all about the showdown.
  10. I have the zercom color point now for about 6 years,and have not had a problem with it.personley i love it,set it side be side with my buds vex and they seam to work the same.
  11. I own 2 LX-5s and 3 LX-3s and never had anything break. Had the upgrades done on the LX-3s to the true color. Use to own vex and switched about 5yrs ago or so to Marcum.
  12. You, me and everyone else I know with a Marcum!:coolgleam
  13. I have had my clearwater for years and NEVER had any problems with it ;).
  14. mines made in china so i get free lead paint and a date rape drug with it.;):lol:

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