Zercom ClearWater Classic flasher

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  1. Here is a very good (and affordable) alternative to the Vex FL-8. I bought this unit used two years ago and believe it to be 4-5 years old. The unit has a newer battery (replaced just before I bought it). There are a couple small scratches, not visible in the pics, in the black area (between the 6 & 8) that have been filled in with a black marker. Comes with charger and original instruction book. $100 + shipping to your location.

    The ClearWater is an LCD flasher, which is quieter and draws less battery power than a Vex. Here are some other comparisons to a vex:
    Output power: 1000 watts p/p .... Vex - 400 watts p/p
    Current draw: 50ma ...... Vex - 275 ma
    Target seperation: 2.5" .... Vex - 2.65"

    The Zercom unit is a greyscale unit. Meaning targets show up in grey or black depending on their signal strength. Obviously it is a little more difficult to see the differences than on a vex.



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  2. There are a lot of people talking about needing a less expensive flasher than a Vex. Here is one and I've gotten no replys. Here is the last chance .... come Monday it will go on e-pay.

  3. Guys, if your looking for a cheaper alternative, this is it, I got one and use it all the time, even though it doesnt have all the bells and whistles of a vexiler it certainly does the job. you can follow your bait to the bottom and pickup suspended fish, and see them coming up to hit your bait. If you dont want to spend the big bucks then this is the next best thing in flashers.

  4. Have you sold this unit yet? If not I'm interested.
  5. Frozen - Yes it is still available. I was just going to list it in e-pay ... and saw your post.

    As rivrat says, these are great units and with all the people talking about not being able to afford/justify a Vex, I am surprised this has not sold. This unit will do almost everything the Vex will do ... except you do not have three colors. And unlike most of the other flashers ... this unit was designed for ice fishing.
  6. schaaed1,

    I just sent you a pm.
  7. Appears to be sold pending funds. Thank you, Frozen.

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