yellow jackets under deck boards

Discussion in 'Michigan Homesteading and Home Improvement' started by smokepants, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Within the past 3 days a nice group of yellow jackets have made a nest under my deck boards. I don't think it is in the ground because when i watch them they land on the deck and crawl between the gaps and don't fly to the ground. My problem is how do I get rid of the nest if i can't see it. The easy way is to unscrew the 2 boards they are crawling through but I really don't want them coming after me as I do this. I have crawled under but can't seem to find the nest. Does anybody have any good ideas to help me out?? I would prefer ones that do not involve getting stung:yikes:, and because it is a deck off my house we can't use the old "gas and a match works every time" routine either.


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  2. they make fogger bug bombs that the trigger locks open. set up one of them under the deck near the nest early in the morning.

  3. Get a bag of powdered Sevin. Dust the area the go into. They will drag the powder in and kill the others. This also works for the ground ones. Sevin is not harmful to humans. Also makes a great garden dust (insecticide)
  4. Unscrew the boards that you think you want to lift, but don't lift them until 20 minutes later. Give them time to settle down after the vibration puts them on edge. I don't think you will have much of a problem. When you lift the board have a trash can or a saw horse near by to keep it propped up. Then you can get a good look at it an have time to spray it as long as you need to without having to worry about holding the board up.
  5. Try Mike's idea first. Seams a lot easier.
  6. I did the Sevin thing last year when they got under the soffit. Had to dust them 3 times in 3 weeks before they were gone.
  7. I am going in for another look tonight after dark to see if I can locate that nest. I also like Mikes idea but don't know if I can wait the few weeks it takes to kill the nest. I wish that part of my deck was not so low to the ground then it would not be to tough to get under there and look. I will report back after dark or tomorrow morning.

  8. If they drag enough in, it will be a week or less.
  9. I crawled under the deck last night and found a softball sized paper nest under the deck boards. Tonight I am going to try to soak it with Raid, my problem is I don't know if I can reach the opening. It is pretty close to the ground and not much room for me to get in there. I won't be able to get out in a hurry I do know that.
    If I soak the nest from the side will that kill them or do I need to spray directly in the opening on the bottom??

  10. Round nest with opening on the bottom sounds like Baldfaced hornets. If thats the case I wouldn't use your plan. Do a search on them and if thats what you got you'll see why.
  11. Happy you are right, it seems I now have a baldfaced hornet problem. The info that I read said to soak the nest with spray and do it again the next day. I guess that is my only choice at this point, I need to get them out of here.
  12. When I read up on them it said to spray at night with some stuff that freezes them. Then cover the nest with a plastic bag to remove. They post sentries at the hole of the nest and will attack at night. Sounds like fun under a deck :) Good luck
  13. Holy smokes!!!!! Sounds like a bald faced hornet nest. Gray paper like with a hole near the bottom? They are usually in trees and bushes. Never seen on under a deck so low to the ground. Bald faced hornets don't sting but their bite is quite painful. They will attack if their nest or even flight path is threatened. Very mean tempered.

    There is a spray that foams (I've used it on one nest) it works. Shoot it up the hole and around it at nite.

    Yellow jackets will have an open cell nest. Will look kinda like a honeycomb and will be round or conform to the area its in (like a corner)
  14. Yea, it is paper and gray, so I will head to the store tonight to see if they have a foaming type of killer in a can. I guess I will get the carhartts on tonight and crawl under there and see what kind of damage I can do.
  15. I got it at Home Depot.

    Ortho Total Kill. Spray it up the hole and around the hole.

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