Woods-N-Water News Magazine?

Discussion in 'Sound Off (MichiganForums.com)' started by Paperboy 1, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. How many of you are loyal readers and where do you find it to purchase most often.

    Is it hard to find in stores??

    Just wondering... I'm working on something and need input.


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  2. I'm a subscriber, but I won't renew. The stores have the new issues a week before they show up at my house :rant:.

  3. I'm a subscriber, it wont do you any good, but they sell them at Cabelas down here.
  4. Rencoho,
    What do you mean it won't help??

    Where are they in Cabela's?? I can never find them there anymore.

    Would you folks still buy it if it cost $4 instead of $3? I would!
  5. I'm a loyal reader and see it for sale at some gas stations and one local party store.
    Would I still buy it at $4, yes. Curious, what are you working on and why do you need input ? Do you work for the magazine or do you write articles for the magazine ?

    L & O
  6. Sorry paperboy I just looked at your post an assumed you lived up north.
  7. I'm a subscriber and the entire reason I subscribe is to avoid the hassle of finding them and then paying full price. I much prefer it in my mailbox at a considerable discount.;)
  8. I subscribe and will continue to do so.
    But it does burn me up a little that Ahmed at BP a 1/4 mile from my house always has it at least 4 days before me.
  9. Not a subscriber, but I occasionally pick up a copy when I go to Gander Mountain, they always have stacks of them.
  10. I'm an avid fan of W&W. I have every issue from the last 2 or 3 years (much to my wife's chagrin;))
    I get it at KD Outdoor or Bass Pro Shops. I will subscribe once my Michigan Sportsman magazine subscription expires.
  11. Woods N Water is my favorite monthly magazine. I'm a subscriber, and look through it every month cover to cover and read a good portion of the articles.
  12. Cabelas still carries W&W, i have seen them near the check out counters in the past.
  13. I subscribe. It beats the MOOD mag hands down.
  14. i used to subscribe. my issues always seemed to show up late. now i just pick them up for free. since my issues came late when i paid for them, i dont have a problem reading last montths issue for free this month.

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