Winter severity index

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by swampbuck, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. I dont mind the snow, I like it (when theres no wind ;) ) but at least the deer there don't have to deal with it.

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  2. We don't have any deer up in Rosco Co.!

  3. I think the deer will be fine. The deer I shot from 11-16 to around x-mas had some of the fattest deer I have ever seen. the racks were small on big bodied deer, meaning they have some kind of internal predicting system, the bodies packed on fat getting ready for this winter.

    a theory I have on coyote tracks being down the last few years can be because of fur prices actually making it worth hunting and trapping. I see a lot more coyote hunters out at dark compared to just a few years ago.

    did hear my area was on pace to set the snowfall record this winter, so I am still worried.
  4. We are going to lose some deer for sure this winter, We have found 12 dead ones since Saturday. Its a bummer for sure...but it is hard to compete with mother nature...she wins every time.
  5. That sounds substantial considering its still January. What part of the state?
  6. I would go and check out some yarding areas, but there is too much snow right now. All that would be accomplished is freaking the deer out while they watched me clutching my chest and gasping for air while having a heart attack. lol
  7. Yeah that would be a bad idea, you don't want to put the extra stress on the deer! :lol:
  8. Apparently Michigan has more snow than any other state in the country right now.
  9. I agree with your thought (not necessarily with your #'s). There are a LOT fewer deer this year competing for food versus last winter.

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