Winter Coon Bait

Discussion in 'Michigan Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Brian S, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. With the warm weather coming in a couple days, I was thinking of getting some coon sets out. What would be a good bait for this time of year?

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  2. i was wondering the same thing... maybe a can of tuna fish or something along those lines would do the trick, to get the smell out there :confused:..... I'd appreciate any tips as well, need all the help i can get

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  3. I like fish for bait,and some lure with skunk for my winter coon sets.
  4. They sure seem to like whatever I have in my canine sets, including scent posts.
    I'd have a mixture of anything and everything, I believe they have love on their mind most of all right now.
  5. Fish sounds good.

    I have some "Early Season" coon bait that smells like cherry cough syrup. Had some good luck with it in Nov but not sure why it is considered an early season bait. May try it anyway.

    I agree with you Freepop, I had a few canine sets out last Jan. that the coon hit. I have a few canine sets out there now and will be adding a couple more tomorrow near some den trees.

    Think I'll dig out a few more traps and go with the "anything and everything" approach. ;)

    Thanks for the replies.
  6. I personaly use a mixture of blackmolases and bacon grease, mix about 30% molases and 70% bacon grease. All your trying to do is color the bacon grease to a black or brown color. I use this mixture all year round along with small marshmellos (sp?) and a #1 coil spring trap with a piece of pvc pipe that the bait goes into. I wire all my pieces of pvc to the trap stake so it don't get lost. This set works as good on land as it does along a ditch or creek IMHO.

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