Winter archery league in St. Clair County?

Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by warlord, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know of any winter archery leagues in St. Clair County? I am located in Emmett. Interested in Men's or mixed double leagues.

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  2. I believe Bluewater Sportsman's Association has one, but I'm not positive. Try calling the gentleman listed on this page:

    Full Quiver Archery in Kenockee used to have one, I think, but they had a fire last summer that destroyed their indoor facilities.

    The only other one I know of in the general area is at Huron Pointe Sportsman's Association in Lenox. Info here:

  3. i belive mikes place on lapeer just west of glacier point has one. There is a tile place in the front of the building . I can not rember the name.
  4. Mike's Place - is that a business? What type?

    And Glacier Pointe is on Dove ... did you mean Dove and not Lapeer?

  5. If anyone finds any info pass it on. I'll do some checking.

    Check with Bob at the Hock Shop or Kelly at VF they might know.
  6. The Bluewater sportsmans club has a winter league.
  7. Ive been in contact with a man named mike from the blue water sportsman club and was told leagues will be starting on jan 6:30. It will run until april . thank you guys for the help.

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