Why is the corn still up?

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by Wishin_Fish, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. I'm just wonderin if anyone knows why there is still so much standing corn. A couple places I like to hunt still have tons of standing corn. It sure is good for the critters but is kind of a pain at the same time. My beagles can run rabbits around and around but we have no shots beacuse their in the darn corn, so we post near the brushy stuff and wait.

    Any ideas? Corn values drop? I can't amagine they have much with the big push for alternative fuels.

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  2. They haven't cut it all down yet. Thats why!!!!

    Sorry I couldn't resist. Alot up by me yet too.


  3. To high of moisture content.
  4. The moisture content is too high....it costs them $$ to dry it so they leave it up hoping it will dry more.

    I see FISHMANMARK beat me to the punch...
  5. My in-laws are dairy farmers with many acres of corn.
    They just finished up early last week. There silo's & socks were full so the remainder had to go to the elevator. Took them awhile to get the gravity bins over to the elevator back and forth....cant go to fast with them. LOL

    All farmers are backed up on the corn... too wet this year. Something about it not being dented enough a few weeks back.

    Some farmers are actually getting goverment checks to leave the corn up standing also....

  6. The summer was cool and dry, growing season was retarded, so corn ripened late. Fall was damp, not dry, and the grain didnt ripen on time or dry properly, and still hasnt. Some corn is molding in the fields, not good.
    As said, it just about takes the profit out of the corn crop if you have to dry it. So you need to get it off the field to pay for fuel, fertilizer and drying and such.
    Combinines do not work well on WET corn silks or those with wet snow on them. Needless to say, muddy fields covered with snow so they wont freeze isnt going to help things either.
    All that work for little or nothing..
    My neighbor farmer opted in Sept to chop all 1000+ acres for cattle feed.
  7. That makes perfectly good sense. I had a feeling it was still up because of how wet it's been this fall. The fields I have driven past that were cut did look like big mud run pits. Looks like the only winners in the situation is the animals that live around the area. Thanks guys!

  8. That's another large factor. Muddy fields=stuck machines. Some farmers do have dryers, but if they can't get to the corn, corn will stay all winter or until the ground is frozen solid.
  9. Don't forget market values corn is way down!
  10. The corn is still standing in my area too.

    I saw plenty of buck sign this year, but never saw a buck. Last night I saw a very large bodied deer (head down) go into the corn, I am assuming it was a buck.

    I'm just going to look forward to hunting next year even more because with no one taking a buck in my area this year, means that next year we have a good chance at getting a big one!
  11. I repair electric motors for farmers and talk to many of them . Like everyone above stated very wet crop and many bushels per acre . With so much to be dried it takes longer . One farmer where I hunt said he can combine 4 hours and then it takes 24 for it to go thru the dryer before he can combine again . Many of the elevators are have the same situation and some shutting down before noon too. Anyway where I hunt there is still much standing corn . I have sat many times in my stands along with my wife setting too in different spots. We have probably only seen 20 % of the deer we normally see too. I am getting many night time pictures on on trail cameras when they come out of the corn . Saw a red fox come out of standing corn and ran back in . Saw 2 coyotes come across afield and jumped a fence and went into staning corn . By the way I did get one of those coyotes a few evenings later. ............I just think of a 250 acre field of standing corn as being a large woods where I can only hunt the edges . Just think how successful you would be if you could only hunt the very edge of a 250 acre woods ?????????
  12. Just think of it as a savings account for next season...so far I've invested the cost of a combo and two antler less tags into that account with out return this year...lol
  13. Usually when we had corn up this late it was because we could not get it out of the field because the soil was to wet and we would get stuck repeatedly .In fact that is our problem down here in Va right now near where we hunt.
  14. You can get into the corn and find deer. 4 for me so far this year. Just takes a little scouting to find spots where you can take advantage.
  15. The reason there's alot of corn still around this year is because the corn is not drying down. The moisture is running any where from 22 to 30% in our area. Also the corn crop is heavy and that means more hauling -not complaining about the extra hauling helps make up for the low test weight and high moisture.

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