Why is .22 LR Ammo in short supply

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by tmiller9661, Apr 1, 2013.

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    Why is .22 ammo hard to find? And 12 gauge and 20 gauge ammo is still all over the shelves and every store has it.
  2. Cheap to shoot. A lot of ARs are calibered in .22. This entire gun control issue is mainly based on semi autos and lots of people have semi auto .22s. Just how I see it.

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  3. supply and demand;
    .22 supply stays the same while demand sky rockets...
    12ga supply is also staying the same however demand is also the same as it was...
  4. It's hard to find because every person that owns a AR that shoots 223 or 5.56 bought that type ammo in such numbers they could not keep it on self so they then bought the bolt kit to chamber the .22 long and bought it all up now the same idiots are trying to sell it on Armslist and Michigan Gun owner site for a huge profit at your expense In my travels across USA I see more 223 and 5.56 on the shelf and less .22 Now starting to see less
    .17 numbers I guess that's next to be gone . If everyone would stop buying it every time they see a box The demand will go down and it will be back in stock
  5. Cheap. Easy to carry tons of rounds. Good for practice. Small, but still deadly.

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