Who has a Pope and Young

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by BWHUNTR, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. My best buck to date. It wasn't quite P&Y but I don't think you can get any closer.

    Gross 136 4/8"
    Net 124 7/8"

    Shot November 10, 2005 still remember it like it was yesterday!!


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  2. Great looking buck Chris! You'll be able to look at that buck every time before you head afield and know EXACTLY what it takes to get a Pope and Young. Great reference buck none the less!

  3. BigCTD

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    2008 huh????? jk - Am i crazy or is he already caped out?
  4. I know there is more out there than this! the 150" Gross thread was awesome, a lot of great bucks there, but lets fill in the void area here! 125" to 149 7/8" them there are great bucks with a ton of bone. :D:D Let 's see 'em:bouncy::bouncy:
  5. I measured these, but they clear P & Y:)



    At mom and dads house
  6. Sorry this was taken last year 11/10/07 and yes he is capped out. I shot him on the first night of a two week UP hunt, so I had to take him in to be capped, ground into burger and frozen, cause we had a few 55 + degree days.
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