Who buys coyote furs

Discussion in 'MichiganTrapping.com' started by HPP, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. I live Lenawee county and caught a coyote in a foot hold trap this morning and would like to sell it. Who buys them? I know there was a truck that came to Johnson's sporting goods in Adrian but I heard they don't come there anymore.

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  2. Go to groenwolds fur and wool co. website .. They will have their fur route stops posted . Did you skin it ? Don't wait to long or it will get green belly and spoil. I don't know if they will buy it in the round. good luck nice catch !!!!

  3. I didn't skin him today, if I do it in the morning do you think it will be ok?

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  4. We need details, what kind of set? What trap? What bait? What lure?

  5. Dirt hole set next to a straw bale with some old Tom Miranda lure. I bet I've had that bottle of lure for close to ten years but it still stinks to high heaven. Lol! ImageUploadedByOHubCampfire1355972113.945768.jpg ImageUploadedByOHubCampfire1355972140.058470.jpg
  6. Unless you have a personal use for the skin and or hide I would pitch it. yotes prices stink as much as they do.

    Lots of work for a 10.00 hide.

    Congrats though!

    If you are into putting up...do it.
  7. Only $10 huh? Definitely not worth the time I spent skinning that smelly bastard. I thought fur prices where making a come back, must have heard wrong.
  8. Last I knew they were $35
  9. That would be worth a little effort.
  10. Seems to depend on the condition and color of the fur, and properly put up then finding a buyer that wont completely take advantage of you. Many local buyers will take advantage of you then sell lots on auction for good money. Last year I heard of some people getting upwards of $120 for a prime yote.
  11. I guess I would look at it this way: Even if the pelt is only worth $10, why not skin it? It would give you practice, and that would allow you to make fewer mistakes on the pelts in the future, when they may fetch a higher price, and your speed could improve.
    Just curious, where have you been selling your other catches? Or have you only targeted the coyotes?
  12. I don't trap that often, I'm laid off right now and have some extra time. I've only ever sold one to a guy that worked at Johnson's sporting goods.
  13. I find that really hard to believe for a Michigan coyote :16suspect

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