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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Whitetails Unlimited ? I was thinking of joining as they seem to be the only Whitetail conservation organization. Any input would be appreciated.

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  2. Some folks would contend that QDMA is also a whitetail conservation organization. I think they are both fine choices if you want to help preserve and protect the resource and your right to partake of it.

  3. Some would say QDMA is the only whitetail conservation organization, and WU is a fund raising organization

    When have you ever heard of WU holding an event that was something other than a banquet?
  4. I wish QDMA would hold a banquet I could afford to get into

  5. The QDMA event I went to today was completely free, had some excellent speakers, and even the pulled pork lunch was provided by the host, although you were welcome to put $5 or $10 in the box to help with the cost. I probably learned enough stuff today to save thousands of dollars, got to see a Firminator G3 in action, heard some excellent advice on how to incorporate soft mast into a big-picture habitat improvement plan, plus I met a lot of good people who care an awful lot about deer. (If they didn't, they wouldn't have been sitting there under a tent in 90 degree weather to learn all this stuff.)

    Also, the QDMA banquet later this month is $60 for a couple and they will be raffling off several firearms. If 60 bucks is too rich for your blood, I'm sure you can find a McDonald's that is open late. :)
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  6. Just to back up previous posts, I think QDMA would a better route to go.
  7. According to their websites.

    Its ongoing mission has been realized primarily through funding provided by WTU’s Grassroots Banquet Program. Funds generated via Grassroots Banquets are returned directly back to the local area, providing an immediate and observable impact. To date, over $52.8 million has been expended on projects including: college scholarships, assistance to wildlife agencies, research, habitat enhancement, public education, hunter safety, anti-poaching measures, and cooperative projects with other conservation organizations.

    REACH is an aggressive national education and outreach program from the Quality Deer Management Association that benefits hunters, landowners and deer managers in several ways. REACH is the acronym for Research, Educate, Advocate, Certify and Hunt. The program specifically addresses all of the QDMA’s core mission elements:

    Research – Fund whitetail research projects related to Quality Deer Management.
    Educate – Expand educational activities for QDMA members and the general public.
    Advocate – Increase the QDMA’s involvement in whitetail hunting and management issues.
    Certify – The QDMA’s individual and property QDM certification programs.
    Hunt – The QDMA’s National Mentoring and Hunting program.
  8. +1
    They claim that money stays local, but to whom? I don't know of a single project or program that the local WU program has done in the UP.

    Considering the amount of money they bring in, the list of projects in Michigan is pretty sad.

    They sure have a nice multi-million dollar headquarter building though.
  9. Have you looked at their charity rating?
  10. The organization as a whole and the individual chapters, though related and under the same umbrella, are not the same. Having been very involved in a few other organizations with multiple chapters, I can tell you from experience that county and state boundaries can make a night and day difference in the activities and level of local involvement.

    My view of the organization as a whole is no doubt skewed based on the activities of my local chapter. The only thing I am aware of in the U.P., other than their banquet, are the trailers they put around various sports during deer season to collect hides for "charity" with no mention of what charity or any real info at all. A few years back the hides spoiled as they let them sit too long in the mild weather. I'd rather feed my hides to the coyotes than let it spoil in a trailer. If they have other projects or activities, than they need to spend some of the $15k+ profit they get at their banquet every year on communicating these activities to the public.
  11. I think you are getting Whitetails Unlimited confused with UP whitetails Iknow WTU does not collect hides. Just clarifying
  12. The hide collection trailers I've seen were for Whitetails Unlimited, not UP Whitetails.

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