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  1. Anyone know when the whitefish will be running. I would like to try it this year. Thanx

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  2. Next month sometime.

  3. End of Oct through Nov usually...depending on where and how you wanna catch them.

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  4. Second week of November into first week of December in Northern L.P. on the Sunrise side. Tight Lines.
  5. I knew the first whitefish thread would be popping up soon!! :D

    September 11th this year... alright guys!! [​IMG]

    For all the newbies out there... you can use the Search function and search for my name and the keyword "whitefish" and you will find all the reading you want. Matter of fact... I will even take a little of the work out it for you...

    Whitefish threads STARTED by me

    There are also more threads out there that I posted in... but did not start that have additional info in them if you care to go thru all of them.

    By all means... I am no expert at fishing for whitefish... but I do catch my fair share. A lot of the info is common knowledge amongst the hardcore whitefish fishermen. I fish the west side of the state... but no way will you catch me around Muskegon during "that" time of year. So all you eastsiders... if anything is different... you will have to throw your .02 cents in.

    By the way... since the surf ice was non-existent on Lake Michigan last winiter... I caught whitefish in 7 different months last "season". So I would not really say there is a whitefish "run"... unless you want to call the Muskegon "thing" the whitefish run.

    So... do a little reading and you should have enough info to make you just the slightest bit dangerous!! :yikes:

    See ya on West Michigan pier this fall!! ;)
  6. Hey thanks everyone. I will be trying it in muskegon area to start.
  7. Muskegon pier is loaded with whitefish snaggers and their methods don't mesh well with bait fishing. Not sure why those guys don't try other tactics beside ripping hardware. Use Don's single egg method on other piers and you'll get biters and not have to deal with snaggers. The are some good piers a lot closer to you than Muskegon. You can catch them all winter if you have open water. Feb and March are good months too.
  8. They catch them all year in the UP you just have to know when where and how. Once you have it down there really is no run. They do come in shallow in the late fall and throughout the winter.
  9. We catch them all year up here in TC. Fall seems to be the best for big numbers. I've done well on spawn off of the shore/piers at certain times, but my favorite way to get them is DEEP WATER vertical jigging. usually in 80-120 fow. Not like the "Muskegon thing". It's crazy how those things will just pound a metal jig. This spring I was catching them in 20 fow on hot n tots.:yikes: They would t-bone the plug. Front hook buried in their mouths. Not conventional, but it worked.;)
  10. the whitefish population on the saginaw bay has been coming around the last few years as well...we usually catch quite a few during the ice season...if there is any ice! :yikes:
  11. Once the water goes below 50 and is more towards the lower 40s and up until the ice comes in you can go on any pier on the west side and catch whitefish. The muskegon whitefish run is nothing more than a way for the DNR to make bank writing tickets to snaggers.
  12. So how is everone setting up thier lines? Sinker and spawn and just hang it over the edge of the pier or cast it out and let it sit? I want to take my 7 yr old son and let him get ahold of some of these. :)
  13. Casting it and letting it sit. Have to experiment with how far from the pier to cast. Sometimes they are close, other times they are not. Not the best time of year to bring a kid out, but then again I like to fish the roughest water possible for whites. 2-3 foot waves skimming against the side the pier make for great whitefish action.
  14. I don't mean to high jack this thread...just wondering if I missed something. I was "informed" last night, by someone who was very very certain, that the legislation prohibiting the snagging of whitefish had been rescinded earlier this year. Has anyone else heard that?

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  15. llpof

    From the @ss clowns that snag them for the past 4 years. It is usually preceded by the comments that it is legal to spear them, and a number of other self- serving comments to justify the behavior.

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