Which McKenzie Form?

Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by srconnell22, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. I have two deer that I'm getting mounted this year...and wanted the experts' input on which form is best....

    I currently have two that are the McKenzie 9800, I think (maybe you guys can confirm).



    I'm thinking of the McKenzie 8400 series for my next ones, but wanted to see if you guys knew of anything else for these two. I was thinking the same form for both and offset them like I have the pedestal ones facing in toward each other, but due to their different body styles you may recommend a different form for each.

    First one is a big neck (36" at the base, 25" just under the jaw), full rut buck.


    Second one is a much smaller deer, much taller rack.


    any help would be greatly appreciated...

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  2. Scott, your just showing off now.. :lol:

    The second picture is a very nice job done on that deer.
    The McKenzie HD series is up high on my list of forms that I like.
    84"s are good ones too, I like them as well. You can't go wrong with that choice.

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  4. yes 98's. page 44 is the HD's.

    UNREEL Banned

    I am no taxidermist, but if I were to pick a form for those 2 deer, my 2 favorite forms are the Mackenzie 6400U, and for the big bodied bucks you must see the new one out by Revolution called the Intimidator.


    I have 3 bucks mounted from these forms, the Last Chance, Hide&seek, and the Artistic Sweep. They are very cool looking poses.

    The 6400 is still my favorite, especially with a wide rack and full neck..
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  6. I agree with unreel. I JUST mounted a buck on a relaxed sweep and I love the mannikin with the detail in the form. I shot a decent buck with a big neck and the intimdator is where I will be at and I will be entering it at the MTA show this year. I also like there offset mannikins. Give them a look. Very nice company.

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