Where to purchase a Prime Rib?

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  1. Well looking to get a good prime rib for the Easter dinner next weeekend. I'm located in Saginaw, but let me know if you got some place that has good stuff! Looking for USDA Prime, Prime Rib...

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  2. Tough to find!! I live near Alpena and my prospects of a decent meal are worse than yours. Thinking of making it myself. Good luck.

  3. Go to Jack's on bay rd and ask them to order it.

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  4. When we lived in Midland we would buy meat at Jacks meat market. I believe they have one in Shields on 46, Bay city, and Midland. Steve
  5. Yea I usually go to Jacks on Gratiot, only live a few minutes away from there. Never thought to call and have them order something direct. I'll have to look into it, thanks.
  6. I usually like prime rib from there too. Last time I picked one up from there though more than half of it was fat, grrr....
  7. The actual prime grade of meat is not as widely obtainable as choice, next in line of the meat grades. It is generally sold to the better restaurants and high end institutions such as country clubs and big hotels. It can be had though. It may be worth getting in touch with a butcher shop or meat vendor and inquiring about the prime grades availability to them. Use the term prime grade. Rarely I have seen it at my favorite butcher shop here in GR, Sobies Meats.

    Like the zander/perch thing, I am often skeptical when I see "prime rib" for sale at your average retailer, especially on sale. Not saying it isn't, I am just not sure about how legitimate the claim that it is actually prime grade.
  8. Chances are he got a choice grade of "prime rib". The flavor is in the fat. No fat less taste.
  9. I've owned Scott Meats,Inc. for almost 30 yrs. and can't remember the last time I seen any beef actually rolled prime. U.s.d.a.Choice will be just fine "if". Get it from a small enough shop that still buys carcass cattle- hanging 1/4's of beef. All others have been cryovaced and or gassed (co2 or nowdays co1 that's right, carbon monoxide) to prolong shelf life. Beef hung uncovered and killed at least a few weeks is what your looking for. I would have them cut the bone off, season it , and retie the bone back on. The extra thickness and cover with bone will take longer to cook, the longer the better. AND ALWAYS use a themometer, dinner is served when the thermometer says so! Your going to spend a hundred bucks on a full size roast - it- is the priority.
    I'm over in Muskegon or I would hook you right up, we still use carcass cattle and nowdays everyone asks why our beef tastes so good. It tastes like beef always has - all the embalmbed beef everyone else sells now just sucks!
  10. Yup. I was in the meat processing business for 4 years. Prime quarters were very rare to get and they were held for the "upper echelon" of our customer base, usually private individuals since we were mostly a local operation.
    Might be a new crusade for you or me WM, exposing the "prime façade" if you will, ;)

    OGM- So, I see you have all you can eat prime rib on the menu...
    EO- Yes we do, would you like to make an order?
    OGM- We'll see about that.....

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  11. Sobies meats terrific. Best kielbasa around. Picked up some flat iron steaks the other day that were terrific in a stir fry. If your a smoker of meats tell them what you want and they will get it for you.
    Local pork is outstanding
  12. Do yourself a favor and go get a prime rib at Sam's Club in Saginaw. I'm not kidding, its the best I've ever had and I have eaten prime rib at quite a few places. No kidding. It's very good. They usually have an end cap cooler full of them.

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