Where to Buy Crayfish?

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  1. Anyone know where to buy crayfish around the Ecorse area? The thread on Walleye Bites confirms my suspicion that crayfish might be a good bait to tempt "turned off" walleyes.
  2. Dear Davedmg,
    A good bit south of you, right outside of Erie Metro park is a bait shop called The Bottem Line. I bought live crayfish there about a month ago. I hope that helps
    Justjigging :)

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    There is a small bait and tackle shop at the boat launch between Wyandotte Yacht Club (Ecorse Creek) and Mitzi's Gas Dock. Now that I think it is located right next door to Mitzi's. I cannot remember the name of the place but it maybe worth a shot.

    Don't think you will need crawfish though. Alot of walleye moved in from the Lake. The action on the river has picked up some steam the last few days. Fisherman have been picking up fish in the channels around Sugar and Celeron Islands.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Thanks for the info, guys. I got some crayfish at Aco, drove 50 miles or so to Ecorse, and caught nothing on them except for a couple of sheephead. P.S. I made some chowder with the sheephead. Yuck!

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