Where to buy bobwhite quail

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  1. Hey guys and gals; I'm new to the forum. Does anyone know a reliable place in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, etc. to buy Bobwhite Quail for dog training? Thanks.

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  2. I just bought some chuckars today from Ken Nyhof gamebirds. He is in Holland, Mi. He also raises quail and has them for sale as well. I would quote the price,but I'm not 100% sure. I paid 7.00 for the chuckars, I know the quail are less. This guy has a nice clean facility and I know he supplies some shooting preserves, his ph. # is 616 836 5523.

  3. Contact Blue Briar on this forum. I know he has some nice quail.
  4. Gary Young
    Stockbridge Mi.
  5. Just remember that you can't shoot bobwhites out of season in michigan, they are considered a game bird. Instead of bobwhites get tennessee red quail or chukars then you won't have any problems from big brother

  6. The tennessee red's are awsome. I've had those and thought they were perfect...
  7. Will any of these other birds recall?
  8. Is it illegal to raise the "game" birds and just leave them loose on your property? I have 40 acres but it is not fenced in or nothing so I didn't know if it was legal or not.
  9. Second Ken for the west side of the state
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  10. Quail Flush Farm near Ann Arbor
  11. Gary lives down the road from me and he no longer raises Quail. He's into fancy Chickens of some sort now.
    I had TRQ but sold the last of mine for the year about 3 weeks ago.

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