Where is the best place to wade for steelhead?

Discussion in 'North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by mrfisherman, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Just wondering where would be the best place to wade/fish for steelhead in NorthEast Michigan? Spin or fly fishing?:fish:

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  2. Perhaps the best place is the flies only section of the Pere Marquette River between M37 downstream to Gleason's Landing.

    If you fill out your profile I'll give you a couple of more places.

  3. The OP wanted a place in Northeast Michigan.
  4. Perhaps the OP shouldn't post in the NW River forum.. ;)
  5. Moved to the NE forum.
  6. The Au Sable below Foote dam is wader friendly and can be productive. The smaller tribs are all wadeable, but are better discussed in a PM. As far as gear, whatever you want to fish will work. Flyfishing is much easier from a boat on the AS, but there are good spots to run from shore. You can fish anywhere with a spinning rig.

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