When do you bring the rattling antlers in the woods?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by dlobi, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. I know the sparing has started even with the rut is a month away.
    When do you bring your antlers/bag/whatever into the woods?
    Still seems like quiet time to me but open to suggestions

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  2. I have never had any luck using them...
    But I'm going to give em another try come Nov in the UP....

  3. I usually start about October 31st, and I have had great success with them the past 2 years.
  4. You'll have to teach me:D

    UNREEL Banned


    Opening day.

    Anytime is a good time to rattle.

    I don't go in the woods without them.
  6. For the most part they are worthless in Michigan because the ratio is so skewed.
  7. I went to a tiny back yard that I was granted hunting priv that backed to a big swamp.
    I didn't even have a stand but stood on top of a huge stack of palets.
    Climbed up, hit the bones and three bucks rushed in from quite close by like they were volenteer fire guys heading to a fire. I mean they literally charged me, I was glad to be up on that rickety stack of palets. Unfortunatly my bow was lying on said stack at my feet. :mad: I never had such a response. It was sweet. No shot but an awesome day in the woods.:corkysm55

    I stopped/turned a very nice ten point mid-rut that I had saw a few times from a distance (while scouting). It was fun to mess with him but he wouldn't commit to crossing 1oo yards of open field. He heard it and knew what it was too.
  8. bucksnbows

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    you can use them in the early part of the season if you just tickle them. Try to sound like two bucks sparring (not fighting). I have done this before and had some bucks come in close to investigate. Being in an area that is quite thick is preferred. This means that the buck will have to commit because they cannont see another deer. Most mature bucks will circle down wind though and try to scent check for the sparring deer. I don't use them during the rut because michigan has a horrible buck to doe ratio. If bucks don't have to compete for does then there is not much fighting occuring. They do fight but that is usually when 2 mature bucks (usually one wanders into anothers core area) that do not know each other and haven't established the pecking order meet during the rut. During different phases of the rut I will use calls. I have gotten more responses from a doe bleat (esterouse bleat) or a doe grunt (simular to a bleat but shorter and not as high of a pitch). Buck grunts I find are not as succesful for me even though I have shot my biggest buck after grunting to him when he was about 70 yards away. Timing is the key to any type of calling and don't over doit. Calling in deer is always a blast even if no shots occur. Just knowing that you spoke their language and got a response is what its all about.
  9. I'll let you know when our buck to doe ratio is at the point the bucks actualy touch horns. Other than some early season tinkering rattling does nothing more than to make every deer on the farm run!:yikes:

  10. In some places yes, but I hunt several different counties all over the LP, and have had success in each of them.
  11. Great, now you will want to keep my GT AND my rattling antlers.:yikes:
  12. UNREEL

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    Ditto about the doe bleat. The can call is another tool I wont hunt without. The biggest buck on my was was actually running a doe, shot twice and missed, kept running the doe, doe took off down hill. Buck still running after doe, I hit the can call, buck locked up and charged. Didn't miss the third time:D
  13. I don't use rattling antlers until the last half a week of October and into the second week of November. I usually rattle in two to three bucks a year but they are on the 1 1/2 old side just investigating.
  14. Wrong answer brother!! I have shot a few bucks in Michigan rattling them in.. All be it this is not Texas where you slap the horns together and watch 5 different bucks come in, using horns I have been able to divert a deers attention that was too far to grunt and pull them into a point where I could call them in the rest of the way and I have also done this blindly from the ground and stuck in arrow in the largest deer I have ever personally seen in Michigan.. He was a booner.. Never forget him for as long as I live!!

    I was taking my youngest brother out to shoot whatever we could get figuring it would be a doe we set up on the end of a field where the night before him and my step dad watched nearly 20 does and 0 bucks funnell into a field and when we got there there was no place to really set up in a tree cause none were big enough that covered that trail or too big.. I.E. the Maple we ended up sitting under.. So we checked the wind and got on the downwind side of the trail and the only place to sit was under a huge maple that had already dropped a ton of leaves so we start clearing all the leaves and we are making a ton of noise raking these leaves out of there and when we got down on our knees the switch grass was still a little taller than us so it was perfect! So then I told him we have already made that much noise, I am going to rattle.. I grunted a couple times and then paused and slammed the horns together and did not even get into the 2nd sereies of rattles and we can hear one running off the opposite ridge right at us so I put the horns down and just a few seconds later he was standing at the edge of our field about 125 Yards away.. This deer was about 18-19", very heavy, tall as all get out and trash going everywhere.. He was my buck of a lifetime.. So my brother is slapping me on the leg telling me that I have to shoot it and so i grabbed my bow and grunt call and grunted a couple times agressively and he jumped the fence and started trotting straight across the field so about half way across I grunted again and he stops and looks right at us but we are looking at him through the switch grass and below the top and I grunt again and here he comes right at us and going to hit the trail that we are set up on to go in and just before he got to the edge of the field still trotting I went up on my knees and drew back all at once and he stopped and froze and I put the pin behind the shoulder and let it fly at 19 yards I connected.. His legs gae out and he plowed face first into the woods and then made it back on his feet and I thought without doubt I had him.. We tracked that deer for over a mile and for the first 400 yards blood everywhere.. He was never seen again..

    Sorry to hijack your thread but just a story to show that the ratios are not the factor so much as the right place right time here in Michigan! After the 3rd week I dont go in the woods without them..
  15. no hijacking..I love a story like that.

    There is no question that a set of horns can carry much much further than the sound of any of the grunt or bleat calls.

    Again, as mentioned..everything has its time and place.
    Just another trick to carry in your bag to help ocasionally outwit the wiley WhiteTail.

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