What's The Biggest Sheephead You've Caught?

Discussion in 'Detroit River and Lake Erie' started by William H Bonney, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Normally I don't care, nor would I ask but my buddy caught one yesterday that I couldn't believe. We were dragging tubes for smallies and he hooked into this thing,,, he kinda knew it was a sheephead right off the bat. I asked if he wanted me to get the net,, he said, ya,, just in case it was a smallie or walleye. Anyway,, I net this thing and bring it in the boat and we both BUST OUT laughing. We had to put the scale on it,,,,,,, 14.6lbs:SHOCKED:. I'm gonna see if he can send me the pic's and post 'em. Has anyone caught one that size before???

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  2. i've caught a couple in the 12s and a couple not put on a scale that were 12 or more (i'd bet on more, the ones up in port huron get huge). a 14lber is a pig though. bet that was fun at the very least. was the color of it more of a reddish gold? all the bigger ones i've caught seem to be more reddish as they get bigger.

  3. No,,, it was silver as could be,,,, looked like a frickin' permit,, right outta the Florida Keys.:lol:
  4. Thats a huge sheep. They do have a good fight in them.
  5. I cant access the pic right now, but will post later. my buddy caught a solid 12 pounder in wheatley this year. We first got a 10 pound on 7 colors of lead core then a 12....imagine reeling that in.
  6. I had a 13lber, caught on the Middle channel.......Awsome fight....And people actually spend good money to go to the Flats of Florida for Drum fishing!!!!!:coco:


  7. [​IMG]
    How 'bout this 19 lb 8 oz one my daughter Kristi caught 3 years ago? (on 6 lb test line while perch fishing in Erie)

  8. Gosh, I thought mine was a world record.....Still, her fish is off the State record by 6 lbs.:yikes: Nice fish!!!!!!

  9. Did you get that mounted for your daughter,,LOL??
  10. Here's a little larger version of the pic:

  11. No, I didn't get it mounted-probably should have but man, it was an ugly fish. She fought the thing for just under an hour on an ultralight. We were fishingout of my little 14 footer and i chased it for probably 30 minutes. Absolutely Epic!

  12. how long were these? i didnt have a scale when i caught a 27".
  13. Kristi's was 36 1/2"
  14. That is one big ugly fish!:sick:

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