What's tearing up my lawn?

Discussion in 'Michigan Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by stebo, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. The last two nights something has been tearing up my grass. From a distance, it looks like mole tunnels, but when you get closer, it's something digging little holes and tearing the grass up. Looks like they are after grubs. I treated for grubs in July though. Is it voles, skunks, oppossums, coons? What do you guys think? If it's a vole, how do I catch it. I have a small live trap and a bigger live trap. What kind of bait for moles or skunks, etc? Thanks.
    Could crows be causing this damage too?

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  2. could be any of the above, it its from above ground good chance of a skunk. Some fish or other strong smelling meat will make quick work of the skunk. I caught a skunk this summer that reached through the holes of the trap and dug the whole trap about 3 inches below the ground.:)

  3. This exact time last year, my lawn was getting destroyed by a skunk. Every night, 50-100 new holes in the lawn, some big enough to fit a pop can into! :rant: I use grub control and I knew thats not what he was after...it was earthworms, which I have a ton of.

    I knew it was a skunk by the shape of the holes. They go down at a 45-degree angle and end in a point like you dug it with your finger.

    For trapping bait, I tried hard-boiled eggs, fish and cat food. He actually ignored it all and kept digging more holes every night!

    So I "matched the hatch" by gathering a couple tablespoons of worms and mashing them up. I made a mound of dirt on top of my lawn and created a little dirthole set in it...baited with the worm mash.

    Next morning, Bingo! Even with all the other traps and baits out...he was caught in the worm-bait set :D

    Heres the before and after pics....



    If you look closely, you'll see that I rigged the trap to a slide wire to move the skunk off the lawn before he made his catch circle. Worked like a charm!

    Hope this helps.
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  5. That's exactly what my lawn looks like! I'm going to try a live trap tonight baited with bananas. I'll keep my fingers crossed. If this doesn't work, I'll try your method! Thanks!!!!!!
  6. Skunk is the problem! Lil' Stinkers.
    I took 3 out the other day and there's more back. All the wife's bulbs, the yard and 1/2 the orchard is tore up.
    A cracker with a little peanut butter and trap worked on one.
    A can of Coca Cola worked on the other 2. Time to get another can of Coke.
  7. A can of Coke? How did you rig that up? I sure hope I get the little bastage tonight. One or two more nights of this and my lawn will look like a warzone. I DID have one of the nicest lawns in the neighborhood. It sucks to spend all summer taking care of the lawn and busting my butt on in, only to have a skunk trash it in a couple of nights.
  8. Nobody should be using the can of coke. It kills EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! Even your DOGS!!!!!!!!!! And then guys like me have to go crawl under a house to pull out dead skunks and coons and other such animals. It is against the LAW and that is a FEDERAL LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And before anyone wants to tell my its not a FEDERAL law been broke. You are using a substance that has to pass FEDERAL arena's to be used. I hope enough of you idiots that use it GET caught. And then a product that was once good for its intended propose will no longer be available.

  9. instead of calling people idiots why dont you explain the method and why it kills animals? i have never heard of this and am interested, anyhow thanks for letting us know it is illegal.
  10. No thanks Raf,

    I will not explain it, its illegal period.

    The people that use it are WRONG!!!!!!!

    And people that are using this method KNOW ITS WRONG!!!!!!

  11. I'm an old guy and a can of Coke killing a Skunk is a new one on me too. Guess I have lead a sheltered (however legal non Coke can killer) kind of life. Please, some person with more knowledge than I please tell us how this works, don't want to rot in the slammer next time a skunk digs a part full coke can out of my garbage! Larry
  12. Guys its an over the counter product that is used in Coke.

    Thats it.

  13. We have talked about using fly bait and Coke or Pepsi on here before. Search raccoons and fly bait. Also can be found on the internet. A good number of sweet corn growers use it to kill many coons every year.

    L & O
  14. And it is 100% illegal. This is why I got into ADC work. SO people didn't try home remedies on unsuspecting animals. Poisioning is simply the worst way to die. It's cruel and inhumane. Here is a little story for you. I went to a customers house who has a stink comeing from somewhere but she didn't know where is was comeing from. In talking with her while looking at her house she informed me that raccoons were going in and out of the holes in the soffits. She had tried to get rid of them but she wasn't able to. She went on to tell me of the coke treatment that someone recommended to her. I went into her attic to find the decomposing bodies of an entire family of raccoons. She paid a high price for trying to do it herself.

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