whats better gas or elec smoker?

Discussion in 'Big Game Recipes' started by fatboy, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. folks the wife bought me a smoker for xmas and it is a charcoal h20 smoker.before I even open it i was thinking about returning it and buying a gas or elec. one.i was just wondering what the pro's and con's are of gas vs elec. thanks for your help !

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  2. I bought a great american gas smoker last spring and I love it. I can hold the temp in it very steady anywhere from 150 deg to 400 deg. I have been using it for everything and have not had a problem. As we speak I have a pork loin in that is about to come out. It's been in there for 6 hours at 175. The garage has never smelled better.

  3. I've done the charcoal smoker thing. I got rid of it and got an electric. But I'm really liking the looks of the gas ones. I know that the next one I get will be gas.

    Just my .02

  4. I recently purchased a gas smoker. I chose gas because, it seemed like the best of all worlds. You still have the portability that charcoal affords you. Simply set up the smoker & tank and you're ready to go. I like the idea of being able to set it up just about anywhere, not always possible with electric. The temp is very easy to regulate, as with an electric...but having heard how touchy a charcoal smoker can be to regulate temp, this was the biggest selling point against charcoal. Then it simply came down to $$. I could get a gas smoker that'll hold 4-5 turkeys for less than a couple hundred bucks, whereas a good electric smoker 1/4 the size was much more expensive. Here's the one I landed on...good luck!

  5. Thanks fella's ! Went out and bought the great outdoors 36" gas model.Wife frowned a little when I told her the price(200.00) so I will have to come up with something good to smoke for her.
  6. You made the right decision, I'm wearing out my third electric & in cold weather it won't get hot enough to finish the job. Now that this propane model is available I'll soon be switching.

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