What type of "fat" for grinding venison?

Discussion in 'Game Preparation' started by William H Bonney, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. I was never really into grinding venison into burger, just too much work, it seemed.
    But this year I decided to do it, and I used beef suet for the fat.
    My dad always used this. What other types of "fat" can you use?

    My main question here is, how long will suet last in the freezer?
    The stuff I used was about 4 years old. It wasn't properly packaged either. To test the suet before I ground up the meat with it,,, I thawed out a chuck of suet and then cooked it in a fryin' pan by itself. It smelled fine.:rolleyes:
    I still haven't eaten any of the burger yet, I'm a little nervous I guess. But do you think the suet is ok? Or should I just picth it and not take any chances?

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  2. I would guess the suet is fine.

    I don't mix suet with venison anymore. I usually use ground venison for sausage and then I just mix 2.5 lbs of ground venison with .5 lbs of ground chuck.

    I like keeping it lean.

  3. Aaahhhh, that's a good idea!

    Do you notice any difference in the taste? With it being so lean ?
    Or does it just taste normal?

    Thanks for the tips
  4. I think using ground chuck tastes better than using suet. It ends up in summer sausage so there are a lot of other flavors mixed in there. Same thing for using it for spaghetti sauce, you have so many more flavors added in that I wouldn't say it was a profound difference. If I was gonna just make a big fat juicy 1/2 lb burger, well, then I may add a little more ground chuck.

    I like the way venison tastes and I like the fact that it is lean and healthy, I don't like to change any of that. Heck, I never put anything on a venison steak other than a little garlic salt and some pepper.
  5. pork does a good job for sausage. I usually mix bob evens sausage with trimmed ground venison 1 to 10 mix. the last batch I made with russian boar fat. Thats a very tasty !
  6. I grind venison burger every year, I don't add any fat at allto it, works best for chili, spaghetti sauce, anything you would use ground beef for. For Hamburgers and meat loaf we add some regular ground beef to help hold it together, venison hamburgers tend to fall apart.
  7. I don't mix any fat with my vension either when making it into burger. I haven't had any trouble with my hamburgs holding together either. Plus it is a lot leaner that way.
  8. use suet(sp) or pork
  9. When we butcher, all of the meat for burger goes into a separate pan. Then it is frozen into approximately 2 lbs packages. Then I grind it as we need - keeps it very fresh. For burgers, I occassionally add fat replacer or ground pork rump. For chili I use as is. For meat loaf, I add ground pork rump.
  10. My brother used a Mexican sausage called chureso I think thats how you spell it.. but its spicie and adds a real good flavor to my venison..I also like using Italian sausage ground into it..GOOD STUFF!
  11. Heres a tip I've read on here somewhere else but it is also what I use. mushrooms ground up in the venison will add moisture when cooking. I learned it from my gramps and it has always worked for me. plus no added fat.
  12. Use pork butt. You can get it almost free at your local market.
  13. If you want to use the meat for burgers then I suggest using a good quality bacon. A 1 LB bacon to 8 LB venison ratio works well. This gives you plenty of moisture and adds a great smoke flavor, perfect for venison grill burgers! :corkysm55
  14. I use the bacon like sausageman described and I also like to use pork or beef suet.

    We do it VERY lean though like 6 to 1.
  15. i dont add anything to mine either unless i am making sausage and then i use pork rump. on of the processing books i have also suggests using mushrooms when grinding but i havent tried it yet.

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