What time does Pappy's open?

Discussion in 'North West Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by cmwilson2308, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Just wondering. I'll be heading up in the morning and want to know when to leave so I can get there when Pappy's opens...By the way, its definitely late in the game to be asking, but does anybody from the Tri Cities wanna ride over to Tippy for the day to fish and split gas? I'll be checking this early in the morning. I got room for one in the truck. PM me if interested.

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  2. Pretty sure they are closed for the season.

  3. Pappy's is definatley closed until spring
  4. So the best place to get bait this time of year is the gas station?
  5. That and Fisherman's Headquarters is also still open.....just they were closing at 4pm when I was there.
  6. You could swing through Manistee.
  7. Just talked with Rob this morning.
    Pappy's is now, and will be, open on weekends.

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