What r the best winter boots

Discussion in 'Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers' started by iceman1989, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. What r the best winter boots for the money, gotta be warm and waterproof and not too exspensive

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  2. I think the black military mickeymouse boots are the best boot for the money rated to -85 and waterproof you can find them at knudsons in onsted or online there not expensive i got two pairs for 80 bucks love them

  3. 1000gram knee high Lacrosse rubber boots with side zipper, great for deer hunting also.
  4. I buy 2 pairs of insulated, knee-high rubber boots per year, usually get them right around now on clearance too. I wear one to work and one hunting/fishing. Usually burn the work ones out and use the other pair in the fall for work. For sloppy, muddy work and play and for usually less than $50, they can't be beat.
  5. I would go with the Lacrosse rubber knee high boot's. If you have to walk through any water or slush, they can't be beat. They are very warm and you will stay dry. Now is the best time to buy them, most store's area starting to put their winter boot's on clearance.
  6. Wool socks are also a key ingredient in keeping your feet warm (and dry from sweating)
  7. Lacrosse Ice King boots...they'll last a lifetime and your feet will never get cold.
  8. My father bought three pairs of Lacross (Iceman and Ice Kings). One pair for himself, one pair for my brother and one pair for me.

    That was 25 years ago....we are still wearing them
  9. :yeahthat:
  10. For the money, you can't beat the Mickeys GI. As Mike said, good wool socks. In the army wore ladies kneehighs underthe wool socks. I have some first layer wicking socks I wear now but pretty much still just nylons.

    The nylon layer keeps you from getting blisters and also helps with circulation for less heat loss.

    Also depends on your mobility needs. A big heavy boot might work for you if you aren't walking much. If you are planning on walking a lot you might be happier with a lighter boot and then use boot covers while you sit.

    Rubber is water proof forever, everything else is waterproof for a while.
  11. Lacrosse.....PERIOD
  12. For the money Mickey mouse boots .Bud
  13. Have years of Special Operations experience that never involved a pair of Lacrosse boots.....PERIOD.

    Cost, warmth, durability, weather/water proof: it's Mickey/Bunny ECBV boots. Whites are fine for Michigan.

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