What oil for deep frying fish ?

Discussion in 'Fish Recipes' started by fatboy, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. wondering what oil is best for deep frying fish ? thanks !

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  2. Peanut.

  3. :yeahthat: I use Peanut for all my deep frying. I like it MUCH better than just straight vegetable oil. It's got a boiling point and doesn't give the food a nasty grease taste.
  4. What about Canola?
    I fried some catfish last week in it.
    They tasted great but I really don't know much about the various types of oil.
  5. Canola would probably work fine. I've used it in the past and didn't care for the greasy taste the food had. But that could be due to the unit I was using to fry with. I just went out and bought a very nice "professional style" home deep fryer for about $90 and it's awesome. I've already used it three times and each time the food came out with very little greasy taste. In fact, once the oil was allowed to cool, it was VERY close to the original fill line that I started with. The secret to frying is to use enough oil and try to maintain the temperature. If the temperature of your oil drops too far, that's when you start getting a case of the greasies. I may try others eventually, but Peanuts what I'll use for now.
  6. Peanut Oil And Drakes Batter Mix.
  7. Pitbull that is what I use. I fry at 375 also. Just seems like the batter comes out not crisp.Thought that maybe I was using the wrong oil.Maybe next time I will use beer in place of the water.
  8. Fatboy,

    USE THE BEER !!! :)

    A couple of weeks ago I bought that new deep fryer because I had a taste for some good fish and chips. I bought some fish and breading but I substituted beer for the water and it made some of the best fish and chips I've had in a long time. I actually fried my fish at 385 and it came out great. The breading was nice and crispy and no greasy taste at all.
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    Had a friend that used butter flavored Crisco and man it was good. ;)
  10. Try making the batter a little thinner. If it is to thick it can turn out doughy.
  11. Peanut oil is the only way to go...

    1) You can get the oil hotter without burning the oil...Canola burns at 375...Peanut still is good up to 400. This is why your oil turns color after frying a couple baskets of fish...the oil has burnt. I fried a turkey and then 8 potatoes, and then 2 onions and finally 50 bluegill fillets in the same oil...let it cool and poured all but 2 cups back into the container to reuse. If this were canola oil, it would be trashed, but the peanut oil was the SAME COLOR as the new unused stuff!

    2) Peanut oil is much healthier that even canola oil...vegetable oil is the WORST!

    3) Peanut oil has a better flavor than canola or vegetable oil. (this one is just my opinion)
  12. I usually stick to dry breading, getting my fillets wet and then shaking them in either breadcrumbs or a drakes style coating and they have worked great. But I really like beer battered fish when I get it at resturant fish fry's.

    Whenever I have tried a wet batter I get a big gloppy mess. Do you guys roll your fish in flour before putting them in the beer batter? I guess I'll have to switch to peanut oil, sounds like thats the best way to go. Do you beer batter onion rings the same way?
  13. Sounds like your batter was to thick. I make mine about the consistancy of a thinner pancake mix and dont have any issues. I dont use any flour, just put the fillets on a tray with paper towel and pat dry. As mentioned, use beer instead of water! Make sure and buy it by the case, you'll need something to do while waiting for the fish to fry! :D
  14. I forgot to mention my preferred batter method...I am a die-hard Drake's user. I use it both wet and dry. Sometimes I like a crispy fish, and other times a wet battered fish is in my tastebuds. I will have to try it with beer, cuz till now, I've just used water.

    Yeah, the gloppy mess sounds like the batter was too thick. You want it thin enough to drip off your fillet, but not so thick that it doesn't stick well. As an aid in helping the batter stick to the fish, pat dry the fillet first!

  15. I don't do it very often because I normally use peanut oil, It is healthier and it does not burn easily, BUT when I want the best flavor like if I am cooking a "special" dinner..I will use pure lard, I know, I know, it is unhealthy as all get out. and you have to be careful not to burn it. But the best deep fried taste is with pure fat. Try it sometime with fried chicken or fish, or even french fries. the difference is exactly like real butter vs margarine, no comparison.

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