What kind of bears do we have in michigan LP? Where can i go to see one?

Discussion in 'MichiganBear.com' started by fordraceing_man, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Ok this is probally going to sound dumb to a lot of you and im not sure if im even putting this in the right spot.

    First of all i have no interest in hunting a bear i just want to see one and take a pic of one in the wild.

    I live in the tip of the thumb, from where what is the closest area that has a lot of bears in it? Is there any place that i can see them from my car just driving some country roads?

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  2. Ever notice all the dead coons on the road? Now say you wanted to go in the woods & take a picture of one? Usually it ain't easy. Bears much more so. The only type of bears anywhere in the upper Midwest are black bears. I have mentioned bear hunting in MI before and had people ask, what type of bears are there in MI? Wild bears don't like hanging around people & are mostly nocturnal. They also like thick cover. Your best chance to see one would be to sit over an active bait pile with a camera or go with some hound hunters. When you do see one in the woods by chance it is usually gone in a flash.

  3. are there a lot of them though?
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    I've spent countless weeks in the UP for my entire life (51 yrs) and have only seen a bear about 10 times. Was just bear hunting last week (no, didn't see one) and had a life long yooper in camp with us that had NEVER seen one. Your odds of seeing one are very slim too, but the chances would be better in the UP.

    And ..... there are far fewer in the lower.
  5. wow, so are they rare or they just hide that much?
  6. both

    Your best bet would be to hook up with an outfitter or a hunter who has an extra bait or took his bear already and has more coming in.
  7. lol well that isn't going to work for a sunday drive or a few hour thing on sunday so i'll guess i give it a few more years until i have more time and meet someone who does a lot of it, i just think bears are so interesting
  8. Both. Low density and avoidance of man. Lots of time spent outdoors. Twice had my headlights illuminate one at night when it was on a back road. A couple of times walked into the presence of one while deer hunting in October. Saw some at a feeder back when it was legal. Saw some while berry picking. So to go looking for one, you're talking about a low % shot.
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    KalamazooKid cold, dead hands ......
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    Just like foxes and yotes, they're in every county in MI but there's a lot of people who have NEVER seen a live one.
  10. ive seen tons of foxes lol few yotes never a bear lol

    im searching online now, but is there a site that shows what anaimals are in what countys?
  11. I worked on drummond island for a year (early 90'S) - we would see bear almost every day. Not sure if it's still that way :confused:
  12. Any idea if we have any larger cats in the LP?
  13. Bobcats. More secretive than black bears, though.

    I'll just leave it at that.;)

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