What happened to all my beers

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  1. Got back from the store after buying some beer. When standing in front of the cooler,I was hit with the fact that all the brands that where best sellers in the 50"s are almost a thing of the past. Pabst,Carlings Black Label.E+B,Altes,Goebels,Dreweys,to name a few are gone or close to it.Outside of the specialty and imported beers we are reduced to Millers and Bud. A damn shame.I say.

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  2. I miss Falstaff with the puzzels on the cap and the yellow plastic cases they came in.

  3. From what I understand, in some parts of the country, Pabst Blue Ribbon is available and still one of the better selling beers. Even outselling Bud.
    My father-in-law used to dring Gobel by the case. blechhh.:p
    The one I miss is Strohs Signature.

  4. anybody ever drink hamms? ewe, i remember going up north and buying it because it was the cheapest thing we could find and we were broke. i forget how much we paid for a case of it but it was damn cheap beer.
  5. How about Buckhorn beer. It was big in Illinois where I grew up.
    $1.99 a six pack.
  6. Rupe,

    A lot of my friends in Ypsilanti drink PBR. $5 a sixer out the door.

    A lot of the old breweries have been bought by the folks at Bud and Miller. Leinenkugel's is actually owned by Miller. They were bought out years ago but Miller still keeps the label going.

    If I'm not mistaken, the old E+B brewery is over in Eastern Market. A friend owned a studio apartment on the fourth floor and we used to hang out and drink in the old brew vats. Almost half of that building was left unchanged from its days as a brewery.

    I haven't seen a bottle of Falstaff in seven years.
  7. 338bar

    338bar Guest

    1978 prices:

    Hamm's - 2.99 for a twelve.
    Falstaff - 2.79 for a twelve, in the yellow plastic case.

    Why do I remember this? I worked retail at a liquor counter at the time and we sold alot of both of those. Old milwaukee was the all time best seller though.

    Anybody remember Olympia and the Oly kegs?

    I also miss the dark stubby bottles that the canadian imports came in. The beer always tasted better out of those for some reason.

    Another cheapo back then which probably disappeared - Altas
  8. How about Ballintine!! 6-pack cans for $.99
  9. Howdy-

    (sigh) Yep, the old brands are dropping faster than stocks.....

    I, too, used to work in a liquor store, and have fond memories of all the afore-mentioned brands, along with Schlitz, Pfieffer, Stroh, (you're right, Rupe, Signature was a damn shame to lose!), and the ultimate cheapy, Gambrinus (8-pk. of throw-aways for $0.99 + tax at Great Scott! markets....)

    I also miss the first import I really enjoyed, Lowenbrau. I know the brand is still out there (owned by Miller), but it used to be imported from Germany. A news item in a brewery rag says the genuine, imported stuff is due to re-appear shortly, so keep your eyes open for it.

    Another one Miller sucked up/ fu**ed up is Meisterbrau. This was originally a non-pasteurized brew (in essence, draft beer) that came in large, dark brown 1 gallon bottles. Refridgerated at the time of bottling, it was shipped cold and kept cold. It was the closest thing to having a keg in your house, until the advent of the Falstaff Tapper, a neat little 2 gallon keg you could store on a cleared-out shelf of your 'fridge......

    Ah, the good old days......
  10. Howdy-

    Oops! Almost forgot Blatz (although it may still be brewed by a contract brewer, the original was always a favorite...)

    "I'm from Milwaukee, and I oughta know
    it's draft-brewed Blatz beer, where ever you go.
    Smoother, fresher, less-filling, that's clear-
    Blatz is Milwaukee's finest beer !" :D
  11. Used to buy a whole lotta $4.99 cases of Red White & Blue, Altes, and Black Label in the mid 80's. We would base our decision on whatever happened to be on sale that particular...The RWB was sold in Long Neck bottles whic I always though was cool...now it is back to being the norm. Added bonus was that they were 5 cent deposits as I recall.

    Chromium I remeber Buckhorn...I was poor back then but still had some standards...that was one of the worst.

    A quick quart of Falstaff and the riddles were the norm as our after work routine.

    Other memories of beer gone by... (or should I say bye?)


    and a good one that I miss Cinci Cream does anybody remember this one? I had the "Handsome waiter" on the label.
  12. I thought you might be the one that lost a case of beer on Van Born today. Beers were rolling all over the street, hit 2 myself.... I had too......... I could of caused an accident if I tried to swerve. That's what I tell myself to cope!:D
  13. You guys don't know where to look....

    Sometimes you have to cross the border into Ind. or Wis. but most of those beers are still available if you know where to look. Try calling one of your local distributors and see if they can get it for you. Granted some have bit the dust.

    Bought a case of Pfeiffers at KMart in the U.P. back in 1992 for $2.99. You could still get it downtown Detroit (only on tap) as of a couple years ago--maybe still?

    Blatz was great piss warm. Mainly because the after taste is so bad that you need to immediately wash it down with another one.

    Funny but sad story is my sister and I don't along AT ALL. anyhow she said "I have never even been into a bar..." la-di-da And I come back with "some of my best years have been spent in bars." Hey what can I say, I lived in the U.P. not much else to do there in the off season.
  14. guiness stout or molson ale!
    the stuff on the shelves suck!! i brew my own,except for the aboved mentioned!
  15. Aaaaahhhhh, I remeber the days of Schlitz Ice and Red, White & Blue. We used to get cases of Schlitz ice for $7.00 O.T.D. Of course we would spent the same amount the next day on T.P.!:eek:


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