What does black bear meat taste like?

Discussion in 'MichiganBear.com' started by Xstream Outfitters, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. What does black bear meat taste like? I'm considering a bear hunt but I am not sure as of yet. Is it similar to any other wild game or domestic animals? Anything I need to pay close attention to when preparing? et cetera .....

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  2. it tastes like a fine beef roast,just make sure that you remove all of the fat when you butcher it,i like it slow cooked and served with some baked beans.

  3. Taste like bear...lol
    I really don't know what to compare it to. I do know that I like it. People look at me funny when I say it, but I like bear more then venison.
    I have had bear steak on the grill and it is more like beef then venison, but still with a wild taste to it. You need to make sure and remove ALL the fat. That is what makes it taste gammie.
    I had a local butcher make some bear brats for me, and those are a huge hit with family and friends. I love them best slow cooked in a crock pot with saure kraut...ummm. If you know of someone that makes good venison brats, have them make them with bear, you will thank me.
    I think I would debone all staks also. Bone marrow may make steaks taste gammie.
  4. I've had bear that was a fairly young bear, properly and quickly field dressed and caped, that was absolutely superb. Like others have said, it tastes like a fine beef, with a slightly spicy "wild" flavor.

    I've also had bear from a big bear, over 300, that was not quickly field dressed or caped...it was awful...like venison, proper care and the age of the animal makes all the difference.
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    I tried it twice, first time tasted like crap, thought I would give it a second try a couple of years later and it tasted like crap. I am going to guess it tasted like crap because it had fat left on and that is why everyone is posting to make sure you get it off.
  6. I have heard from a buddy (Huntin Horseman) who shot one last year that is it excellent! Now, I am still waiting on a few steaks to come my way, maybe this will "remind" him. Lol....
  7. Its all in how its cooked. I have had it a few times and it was a cross between leather and rubber and other times where it has been exelent
  8. Chicken. :D
    Sorry I just had to.

    The only time I've had bear was a roast that was slowed cooked and covered with bacon strips. As others stated it was similar to beef with a little wild taste. It was excellent.

  9. I AGREE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: ;) :) HONESTLY>>>>>>>>>>>>>CRAP!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I have had it several times and I agree with mich buckmaster. I know there are ways to make it somewhat better but all in all its not the best tasting meat I have ever had. It definitely don't tast like chicken.....
  11. Bear meat is one of my favorites. As far as comparing taste, have ever been to a pig roast, it tastes like the darkest meat on a hog.

    All the bear I've taken have been over bait. Hound hunters, Is there a difference if a bear has been run along ways vs a short run or is it a factor?

    Proper handling of all meat domestic or wild makes a big difference in the taste.
  12. i love it, my kids love it, my neighbors said they loved it.....Guess its all in ones pallet. My best advice, cook it slow.
  13. DELICIOUS!!! The bear I shot this year was surrounded by blueberry barrens and I'm sure that added to the flavor but it was the tastiest animal I'vev ever harvested. IMHO.:)
  14. Ya and I want some shark steaks!! I forgot to grab those before I left, along with my rod and airsoft gun:)
  15. Having been a faithful venison eating family for many years, we had the opportunity last fall to try bear for the first time as I was blessed with a successful hunt. You must understand that my wife and three young boys have always been very picky eaters....well after having bear steaks, bear breakfast sausage, and bear roasts....they complain about having to eat anything else. They can tell when we are trying to "slip" venison by on them and can't stand the taste...they want bear steaks!!!!

    If you take proper care of your trophy and take the time to butcher it right...there is nothing better short of a prime filet mignon that can compare. Hunt in cold weather, cool the inside of the body cavity quickly, and remove fat from the meat while butchering and you will love it.

    Hopefully I will be lucky enough to draw another tag this year and will again fill the freezer as we are out at this moment.

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