What cut would the backstraps on a deer be on a cow?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by lj04, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Trying to explain to some non-believers that its better.

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  2. prime rib

  3. I could be wrong but i think that would be the prime rib cut.

  4. I thought the tenderloins = filet mignon?
  5. That was always my understanding. The forward part of the backstrap is where a rib-eye would come from and the back is where a strip steak comes from. I'm no butcher, but I think that is right. Not exactly where the line is though. That is what the T-Bone is - Strip on one side on filet on the other - Backstrap and Tenderloin.
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  6. Its actually known as the Strip Loin in beef and it produces the sirloin, porterhouse, and NY Strip.
  7. I believe the filet would be the inner tenderloin. The backstrap as we call it on the deer would be the prime rib, ribeye if cut that way. Strip further toward the rear. The porter house is the but with strip and filet?

    Not sure the order, but I think as you are calling backstrap would be seveal different beef cuts.
  8. This is what I think too. The Backstrap - front to back goes through many different cuts. I think that the difference between a porterhouse and a t-Bone is the size of the filet portion of the steak, making the porterhouse an overall larger cut.. A butcher could tell you what the size difference would need to be. More info than you were after.

    I can't say I have ever heard of anyone making t-bones out of deer. Usually the tenderloins come out first since they have a tendancy to dry out quick, they are so easy to remove, and they are just too good to leave in there for very long
  9. Once i had T-boned back strap and let me tell you it was delicious. I didnt have time to cut it up my self one time so i took it to a processor and he done up the chops T-bone style. It included both the inner loin and the top loin along with the bone.
  10. Nailed it. I cut meat for a living. The backstrap can be multiple cuts. When taken from the bone it is a ribeye. Left on the bone, it is the prime rib. Where the ribcage ends there is still about 8 inches of meat left. That is the sirloin, or a NY strip. If you saw the spine right where the ribcage ends and leave the tenderloin(filet mignon) on the inside, that would be a shortloin. Saw the spine where the rib ends, saw off the hinds, then splint the spine right down the middle, and you will have 2 shortloins.

    I got a little fancy with 1 of the deer I shot this year and made all the fancy cuts, just like beef cuts. They are really cool miniature cuts.
  11. Welp I will be the first, Look at mu post above, I did it this year
  12. So what part would be the Delmonico?
  13. Delmonico is a boneless ribeye.
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