What County are you hunting in Michigan? What kind of deer numbers are you seeing?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by TwodogsNate, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Just wondering what counties you guys on the MSF are hunting in and what kind of deer numbers you are seeing?

    I hunt in Clare county. I still see a good number of deer despite some major doe reduction efforts a number of years ago. On a good day I can still see 30+ deer. We always seem to have a good number of 2.5 year old bucks but they disappear at 3.5 :evil: Most of the doe that I see always have at least one fawn.

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  2. I hunt in Lenawee county and up north in Manistee/Harrietta MI. Obviously down here in Lenawee we seen a lot of deer. On average 4 deer or more per hunt mostly in the evenings and fewer in the mornings. We shot one 3.5 year old 130" this year and we let a bunch of spikes and smaller bucks walk. I shot one doe during bow season and one more during muzzleloader. Other than that we took a total of 7 deer this year between 6 guys hunting 80 private acres. 2 bucks and 5 does.

    Up north in Manistee/Harrietta out of the past 2 years I have seen a total of 5 deer. That's it. And out of those 5 deer all have been smaller does. Obviously the baiting ban has played a little role in the fact we aren't seeing any deer and the harsh winters they recieve and large amount of does that have been taken out of that DMU the past 5 years plays a big role as well. Needless to say I don't hunt up north like I used to.

  3. Huron County. Still too many.
  4. Benzie it can realy depend some spots have 0 deer some you may see 3 to 10 a day its tuff I must scout a lot it changes year to year depending on the logging that usualy will help
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  5. St.Clair Co. Very low numbers.
  6. Montmorency Co. Deer numbers are down from 2008, 08-09 winter was tough. 09 season was horrible,very few deer and even fewer fawn sightings. 2010 season was a little better, at least we saw fawns which means things should get better.
  7. St. Clair county, Saw good numbers until gun opener then it was spotty.
  8. Benzie County.
    Seen decent numbers of resident deer from bow into gun. After the snow got deep going into muzzie we were "infested" with them.
  9. Marquette county, lots o does
  10. Lebenty gazillion in Osceola.
    Must have just hatched, :rolleyes: they weren't there during the seasons...at least during shooting hours.
  11. Chippewa county numbers are improving but still on the low side. If this winter breaks up early deer numbers should be higher because of last year's good fawn crop. I'm hoping for an early green up.
  12. Montcalm county. Estimated deer density 93,638,946,427,973/sq. mi
  13. Newaygo County (Southern, agricultural region): A lot of deer, good numbers of bucks and does, a couple older bucks, lot of fawns. Good harvests and still good numbers all around the area.

    Luce County: Low numbers, but still some deer sightings. The trail camera helps keep me going by showing they are still there. Not very many, but did see a few deer, mostly does and a couple of small spikes, but did have 3 nice mature bucks on the camera. Hunting there isn't about numbers but the experience. See what next year brings, maybe a bit better due to a mild winter again.
  14. Now that is funny, but doesn't come close to my part of Calhoun County.
  15. Kalkaska Co. 45 sits during bow season, averaged
    between 5-6 per sit.

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