What are the longest lasting bluejeans?

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  1. What do you recommend? I am speaking about good old fashioned blue jeans for working in or outdoor activities. Not concerned about any wimpy designer types or baggy lowhangin britches........just what are the toughest, longest lasting bluejeans? So far I have had the best luck with Levi's and Wranglers. Have some LL Beans too, but they don't have enough mileage on them yet to rate them. Had some other name brands that wore out very quickly.

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  2. I've got a couple pair of Dickies flannel lined jeans that I wore constantly from late fall until Spring every year and they're at least three years old. They've held up very well. They're a bit tattered now and on their last legs but for the most part it's just the knees and top of the right hand pocket that are ragged. Mostly from working on my knees a lot doing flooring and I always just clip my tape measure on my right front pocket. I'm going to pick up two or three more pair before next fall.

    I've also got some cheap jeans I bought at Sears for about $12 a pair. They're "Canyon River Blues" brand. I bought those a while ago and when I'm not wearing flannel lined jeans, those are the ones I wear and you can't beat them for $12! :)


  3. all I wear are wranglers
  4. i wear wranglers for work and relaxing.

    just bought 4 pair for $14 per pair at Meijer.

    they last a long time considering working with steel, power tools and some carpentry.

  5. I've been wearing some RedHead jeans from Bass Pro goin on 6 years. Got em 5+ years ago the day after Thanksgiving for $9.00. It was the only day after Thanksgiving I have ever shopped and I went to Bass Pro at 6 am just for the pants. I don't exactly work hard in them, but they have been my every day jeans for in the woods, the yard, casual or what ever. I only wear jeans so they have been worn a lot. Best 9 bucks I ever spent. Glad I bought several pair. They still have a lot of mileage in them.
  6. Wranglers have lasted the longest for me as of late. Wish I could find some Levi's though circa 1975 or 80. Those lasted forever.
  7. Another vote for Carhart
  8. How much difference is there really in the brands of jeans other than price and name? They are all made of denim. How much difference is there in denims? Cant be that much.Ill bet most of the brands are made at the same factory in China and they just change the name and price.
  9. I always hate breaking in a new pair of jeans. I always end up taking sand paper and breaking them in. I'm a younger guy and I love having a pair of jeans with holes made in them, I just don't think its cool to pay $80 bucks for a pair at the mall. I buy a pair for $20 or less, sand em, beat em, and they're good to go!@
  10. I can't get a pair of jeans to last more than a year or two - no matter what brand.

    As the years go by, they keep getting tighter and I have to go out and buy a larger sizes. I never had denim that would "shrink" like that when I was younger.
  11. Jordache or Bugle Boy...can't go wrong with either.
  12. Carhartt

    I get 6 months out of them with the work I do but it sure beats a month out of everything else.
  13. LOL..mom jeans
  14. Remember Toughskins form the 1970's? Those things were like made of cotton and a low grade vinyl with steel belted cores I think. You could wash them repeatedly, wear them for weeks on end and they would never break in. Scratchy and uncomfortable as heck too, I think my mom may have a pair of mine from '78 in her basement still. I don't know if they are still made but i was told that they use the same material from the originals to make bullet-proof vests.

    I wear Dickies to work alot, brown kind of like Carhartts, but 1/3 the price. Wrangler jeans for outside of work.

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