Weasel trappers !!!!!!! Better Take a Look Here

Discussion in 'Michigan Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Wizard3686, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Hey calling all weasel trapppers in Mi ...

    Trapper Man is having a weasel contest. The money that is raised is going to the TrapperMan Fund So it is for a good cause. Lots of prizes that have been donated also.

    The contest is for the longest shorttail. We have two divisions One for youth and one for the adults.

    At this time the winner in each Division will receive

    - Official Victor Weasel trap Donated by 2poor
    - Winter Range, weasel call lure, Donated by Christian from Moose River Lures

    - 3 of my favorite Basswood Weasel stretchers, with belly boards,
    for those slight of build Donated by 2poor
    - Moundmasters Beaver lure , donated by Bogmaster , aka Tom Olson
    - 3 Victor profesional model (Yellow Pan) Rat Traps, Donated by JerryD
    - 3 Cedar, weasel boxes (with traps) Donated by Rob906
    - 3 jars of Lenon's , Super Weasel All Call Donated by Asa Lenon
    - 2 ounces Anise oil Donated by Minnesota Trapline Products
    - 1 F&T hat Donated by F&T

    Consolation in each division will recieve
    - 1 Cedar, weasel box Donated by Rob906
    - 1 oz Anise oil Donated by MTP
    - 2 oz Lenon,s Super Weasel All Call Donated by Asa Lenon
    if we manage to get some more donations they will be added to the prize pool.

    Proceeds are for a good cause !!!

    Entrance donation is $4 for the adults

    Entrance donation is $1 for those under 16

    You should be a member of Trapperman and the money has to be in By Nov 28th

    Here is a link to the page.. http://http://www.trapperman.com/fo...t/Number/972117/gonew/1/Weasel_Contest#UNREAD


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  2. i heard that rob906 guy is kind of weird... nice to see he is donating something:lol:

    cool contest....not many weasels around these parts....

    i may however be going up the 2nd weekend of gun season to hunt!!! i have a few places i am going to try to get out some traps... not sure what i am going to trap for but you can bet im going to get out some weasel traps:)

  3. Well what the heck has been up man?

    Lol yea well what can i say that Rob906 guy is an alright feller if you ask me.

    Cool stuff man i wounder if your camp got the snow we got? About 8 inchs in the last couple days got my dads truck stuck in the field and cant catch a dang thing. Imma pull my traps on tues for a lil bit then maybe run a lil river line or something i dont know.
  4. what the heck is that??? ive never seen one in the wilds.. of course only a few different kind of weasels in the big city... how many you got now rob? are they white yet? post some pictures. show us southern boys what they look like.. :mad:
  5. Havent even stuck the weasel line out yet will be slowly putting a couple boxes out over the next couple days to see what i get and if they are white. I plan on having all of my boxes out around Mid of next week with any luck.
  6. seen a weasel last week mostly white could just make out a little dark hair yet

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