Weasel Tracks?

Discussion in 'Michigan Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by CaptainNorthwood, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. I found these tracks this morning and thought they looked like weasel tracks but wasn't sure. They looked a little small but they did look exactly like mink tracks only ALOT smaller. I should of put something in the picture for a size reference but they were about 7-8" apart. I've been wanting to get one for my tanned furs collection but never really spent much time targeting them since I never saw any sign that I was 100% sure was weasel sign. And if these are weasel tracks is there a way to tell the difference between a short tail and long tail weasel by looking at tracks?


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  2. Definetely looks like loping weasel tracks to me, Cappy.

    Since the span is only 7-8 inches, I'm going to guess its a least weasel, or maybe a YOY female shortail. I've seen alot of weasel tracks, but dont recall ever seeing any that small. Least weasels are rare, or absent from my area.

    Set out some boxes along its trail!


  3. I've recovered a few boxes from the move. A few being 2. I'll have to build some more as I have no idea where the rest went. I am not in the least bit familiar with a least weasel.:) Is this most likely what I am dealing with or least likely what I am dealing with. I would like to have the most luck for trapping the least weasel if indeed the least weasel is what I will most likely get. Confuse anyone?
  4. Least weasels are tiny.......


  5. Wow they are small. The weasel is barely bigger than that rodent in his mouth.
  6. Strong little potlickers tho...Father in law loves to tell story about one that got into his old deer camp.One night when they were playing card,weasel came right up to the table-Dad gave him scrap of venison,then the rest of the night he'd play tug of war with the little feller.The thing was bound and determined to fight for every morsel!!!
    Ive got a couple raiding my bobcat cubby sets-put out boxes yesterday:confused:
  7. I think that is a short tail in the picture, least ermine are more camouflaged then that. Jim
  8. Now that you mention it Jim, I see that the weasel in this picture has a black-tipped tail....which means it isnt a least weasel. I just grabbed that pic from an online encyclopedia article on least weasels, trusting that it was accurate. I agree that its most likely a short-tail.

    Long-tail, short-tail and least weasels all turn white in winter (in our latitude), but the least weasel does not have a black-tipped tail. There are other criteria that can be used to identify weasel species, such as tail-length to body-length ratio, based on my conversations with a DNR biologist several years ago. But even the experts have a difficult time positively identifying some specimens of long-tails vs short-tails.

    My wife and I will be setting boxes out this weekend, hoping for some of those big male long-tails! :)

  9. Great Post!

    An old time trapper once told me that if a weasel was the size of a rabbit, you would not dare to go into the woods.

    Ounce per ounce they are a veracious critter. ;)

    The ermine tracks I have been seeing in Alaska are nearly the size of a female mink here in Michigan. :D
  10. Put out a few boxes. Its not a bobcat but its still nice to find fur in a set. ;)
  11. Yipper! put out couple the other day.(finally got a cat,little male)
  12. Was that in a coni box or a foot hold? My bet is foot hold I don't believe the on the ground reg coni box is capable of catching anything the way it is.
  13. Foothold. Most of my sets are.
    Was out today and couldnt believe all the predator movement! Times running out....
  14. You should know a weasel!!! Your the best trapper around!!:lol::lol:
  15. As I used to say in in 1987......."No duh"

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