Warm weather coming

Discussion in 'IceFishingMichigan.com' started by lookin for the gills, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Rumor has it that we will see about 5 days of weather above 44 degrees and night time lows not below 40. Also 2 days are gonna be 50+. You think this will just melt snow or could it hurt the ice?

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  2. I think the warm temps plus the rain that is predicted to come with the warm up is gonna screwup the ice. Think most places it will wipe it out, or make it so unsafe it will be unfishable. Lets hope the weather man screws this prediction up!

  3. if it does rain much that could obviously be a problem, but if not I think in most places according to the extended outlooks I've seen this probably won't do much more than make for a couple of enjoyable days temperature wise on the ice...
  4. I think/hope the ice will be fine. We've got a solid 6" where I've been fishing in SE MI. It's just a couple of days and the first day should be insulated by the snow then we get another cold snap. Hope it works out that way.

  5. I hope so
  6. add an inch or 2 for todays and tomorrow temps. ;)
  7. I have not been on the ice yet. I hope that the weather dosnt hurt the ice too much. We are just heading into fishing season here in Jackson co.
  8. We will be in good shape. Looking a 15 day outlook it will only be a few days of warm weather then the cold settles back in. It sounds like a plus I think, knocking down this snow so to make ice better later.
  9. the 6+ inches of snow on the 6+ inches of ice should be ok if just the snow melts and the ice isnt messed up. if it rains after the snow melts then were in trouble.
  10. 4 days ago cut a spearing hole with chain saw. pulled out chunk and got a good look at ice..... 2 1/2 clear ice under 3 1/2 white ice ..... 15 degrees this am. hope for best, but may have to pull shanty off if too warm and too wet.

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