Wanted: 31-34 ft AirStream Trailer

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  1. Steve,

    Not sure if you are aware or not but Airstream has their own travel club and you might be able find something on this website. BTW, my parents currently own a airstream and love it. They have been loyal owners for about 25 years or so.
    I will ask my dad to keep an eye out but right now they are out west for the winter.



  2. Steve, the neighbor has one sitting in his yard. It's his father in law's and from what I've seen it's in real nice shape. I'll ask them if he's looking to get rid of it as he has a motor home too. I'm not sure on the length but it has to be pretty close.
  3. Steve,

    Hold off for another month, it will be a buyers market in the Flint, Saginaw area.
  4. I waiting for the right deal. Not in a big hurry but would like to have something by this summer. I like the Airstream because they are build to tilt, have to curved roof to shed snow and I'll be able to pull it up and basically have a deer camp... presto.
  5. steve I saw one on ebay item # 4614672157 has 6 days left. was at a little over a thousand located in fowlerville. 31 foot
  6. 4seasons, thanks for the tip. I've contacted that auctioneer.
  7. Well the first two I looked at didn't pan out. Still looking.....
  8. Freepop,
    Are we neighbors??? ;)


    I have an older Airstream, all original, that was my father-in-laws.
    It's sitting in my backyard up north!!!

    I believe it's a 1975(?) Sovereign, 30-32 feet....I'll check for sure....I think I have some paperwork at home and I know I have some pics I can send you.

    What price range are you looking to be in???
  9. Thanks for the help guys but the search so far has been fruitless. Had a beauty sold from under me in Ohio today because the guy wanted a cash deposit and I couldn't get there. Another one had been torn up by racoons before I got there and a third one I don't know if any of the gas appliances work so I decided not to make the trip to see it.
  10. Steve,
    Not interested in mine???
  11. Does most everything work on it? When was it used last?
  12. There is one for sale in the Oxford Leader this week. I don't know how long or what condition its in, but it may be worth calling about 248-693-7515 or 248-568-4025

    Good luck,
  13. Thanks, I'm calling them now. Thanks to all the people who are keeping an eye out for me.
  14. riverrat1


    there's a 74 airstream 32' long on the broad at GM in Taylor for 2900 or best offer. 734-283-1510

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