vintage(40's-60's) deer camp pics

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  1. Hey all,

    In addition to being a hunter Im involved with WWII reenacting, at some of our recent fall events the organizers have been open to all vintage displays. There are some guys that do 40's Boy Scouts, and other civilian roles. Ive had the idea of doing a vintage deer camp, you know the red plaid and vintage hunting rifles, one of our guys even has a 1940 Ford pick up. I have begun to pick up items that would have been common, thermos, pack sacks, camp stoves and the like.

    I need some help, does anyone have any old family photos of deer camp(color would be great) that they would be willing to scan and post here? I have serched the net and found some but mostly turn of the century market hunting pics. links would be apprecated.


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  2. good luck finding color photos from that time frame. I have a few at the farm I currently live in. Not sure on the dates though.



  3. Wow some cool hunting pics.

    The guy taking this pic is either super brave or super stupid

    Some traditions are hard to shake.

    Where the heck is Pellston:

    Wonder if the old car designers took this kind of use into account.
  4. Cool picks wrecker
  5. thanks. they are of my great uncles and friends. Have a lot more at home, it's weird to see the same trees in some of them 50 years ago. They're huge now. House has only changed a little in the last 50 years.
  6. Wow, those are cool pictures! Thanks for posting 'em up!!
  7. Thanks for sharing. That stuff is priceless.
  8. This is a pic of our cabin and family. My dad is the little guy on the car.

  9. [​IMG]

    Here is a photo from my gallery of my Grandfather, 2nd from right, my Great uncle, far right, and my Uncle, 2nd from left, in 1946 at their deer camp near Gulliver in the UP.
  10. I just wanted to mention that the guns that my Grandfather and my Uncle are using in the photo are now in my collection. My Grandfather is carrying a Remington Model 31 pump shotgun, and my Uncle is carrying a Marlin lever action in 45/70.
  11. Very cool pics and stories. Thanks for sharing.
  12. lol, cool picts.....Hey MI-Dan, this is a vintage hunting prank!
    I have an old 8 mm film of my dad "riding" his buck.
    It was frozen from being hung upside down... when they took em down
    he was "standing" with the back legs out like those in the pict above.
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  13. now see...michigan can produce big bucks.:lol::lol:
  14. Here's one of my all time favorites. It is of Flinch's dad taken in the late 40's near Frederic, MI. I have the details in a file. A man! His rifle! His deer! A deer hunter and proud of it.

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