Venting a wood burner through the wall

Discussion in 'Michigan Homesteading and Home Improvement' started by lawnboy, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. I have a small wood burner that I want to put in a cottage. I also would like to vent it through the wall. I am trying to keep the cost as low as I can. Any ideas or problems that you have found over the years.

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  2. what i did when i lived in a was i put a sleeve in just bigger than the pipe then i framed around that an put cement in the wall 6 to 8 inches all the way around maybe over kill but no promblems

  3. They sell kits for doing just that. Lowes has them for right around $200. Would seem to me though it would be cheaper to go out the roof, you'd need alot less insulated pipe.
  4. Running the flue out through a wall then up along the wall is no problem. Just remember you need a minimum of 1/4" rise per foot of horizontal pipe. Also, 13' is mostly agreed for minimum height for a chimney but you need to add 2-3' for every 90 degree in the pipe.
  5. put one in last fall,, went through the wall with no problems other than the mentioned definately cheaper to go through the ceiling..

    200-300 for the kit to go through the wall plus 80-100 for each 3 ft. section of pipe.

    it cost me about 700 to do it,,,,would have cost about half that if I went through the roof....
  6. I put it in and it turned out great...thanks for the replys

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