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  1. Vans Archery in Whitmore lake is such a great shop. The guys there are very helpfull, I will definatly will be a returning customer. I bought a mathews t5 quiver today.

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  2. Chum and his staff are very knowledgable, and they have a great selection. I've been going to VANS for years, I love having them right in my backyard

  3. If they dont have it the you dont need it thats for sure!:lol:
  4. They have been getting my service for a while now,great people and service.
  5. I must have caught them on a bad day a couple weeks ago. I am looking at a new z7 xtreme and called them up to see if I could come in and shoot one. I am left handed, so I always call a shop in advance to make sure they have one for me to shoot before I drive there. The guy I talked to said they have no left handed bows that I can test and they aren't going to pull one out of the box for me.

    As a result, I went to another shop. The owner spent 2 hours with me going through any bow I wanted to shoot and now I pick up my new bow tomorrow from them.
  6. Last year I bought my Hoyt from a dealer a little closer to me and I kick myself for not getting it from Vans instead. I wasn't happy with the setup of the bow or the customer service after the purchase. I go to Vans for everything now. Wish I would have drove the extra 20 minutes to buy it there in the first place.

    I've been in a pinch a couples times and Vans has always found a way to get me back out there.
  7. 2 Thumbs Up for Van's. Been going there for 6 years....
  8. I was in the shop many, many years ago and I walked in walked around nobody said a word I walked out. If remember correctly it was dark, dusty and gloomy.
  9. Things must have changed, I never seen anything like that at all. I have been going for a couple years now and they never try to sell me anything I dont need. Also I have had a couple fixes that they never charged me for.

    One example was during hunting season my string slipped off the cam and needed a press to fix. I walk in show my problem they took care of me on the spot,reserved my peep at the time too.

    I ask them "what do I owe?" they reply " nothing good luck hunting"

    Service like that will keep me coming back. I understand people can have off days at work and such, but seems like im catching all the good days.
  10. I bought my bow there for a great sale price. a $100 cheaper than everywhere else when the last year model was on sale.
  11. That you could have a good or bad experience anywhere. I wouldn't slam the door on them but I had an experience about 4 years ago where I called on Tuesday morning to see if they had a Genesis Pro that I had promised my son. After blasting out there on my extended lunch break, they didn't have it. I ended up ordering online and received it by Friday in time for him to use it in Saturday's JOAD class. Kinda set me back a bit and haven't been there since. Like I said, it could happen to anybody anwhere on a given day.
  12. What bow's do they carry?
  13. I can only tell you they're supposed to carry the Genesis Pro, but didn't when I showed up.
  14. I do most of my archery shopping at Shupachs in Jackson. Hands down one of the best bows shops anywhere. Several television personalities have gone there as well. Not that that means anything but they are very good at what they do. Hey Grub before you buy that Z7 make sure you give that Bowtech Destroyer 350 a try. I was a die hard Mathews guy, my last being a Drenalin, but I went to purchase a Z7 last year and I shot the Destroyer just for the hack of it and could not put it down. The bow is awesome. Its just my opinion but they are years ahead of the rest. I shot the new hoyt to and was not impressed. Besides why not give your money to a Michigan company. I am a new Bowtech fan. Two deer and two complete passthroughs. My dad lives in Pinckney and purchased a switchback from Vans back when that was a hot commodity and he was happy but he comes out to Shupachs for all his archery needs now to.
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  15. Already got the z7 xtreme and I love it! No bowtech dealers close to me and their poor customer service reputation wasn't worth the chance. A friend has the 350 and loves it, just wasn't for me.
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