Tuesday morning fishing-Algonac then attended the Middle channel fish reef present.

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  1. Met Treeman for a bit of fishing before attending the Middle Channel fish reef presentation.

    Started fishing about 7am. Pretty slow. One city drift then went upstream near the restaurant. Got 2 suckers and one walleye. Only saw one other net hit the water from 7-9:30. Water clarity good, about 4 ft. Temp was 45 degrees.

    Got back to the launch to join in on the festivities for the reef restoration project. http://www.miseagrant.umich.edu/downloads/restoration/11-730-GLRI-Middle-Channel-fact-sheet.pdf We all took a boat ride to see first hand where and how it was being done. Met a few dignitaries associated with the project along with a couple from the site (dortmand and ahartz).

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  2. Thanks Mike, do you think this structure will hold fish when they are not spawning? Based on the pdf, it looks like the reef might claim quite a few lures, and thoughts on this based on what you saw?

  3. https://picasaweb.google.com/103171110637869941404/May12012ReefCelebration

    If I am not mistaken, other similar reefs constructed in the Detroit River are used primarily as spawning areas, not as holding or feeding areas.

    The drift was really spread out this morning. Boats were scattered from above the State Park all the way down to the city launch. Everyone was making long drifts trying to find fish. Water is still pretty cold. Thanks to Walleye Mike for the trip. Really enjoyed being out.
  4. That solo walleye tasted great Jim!!!:D

    My pleasure Jim. Always good conversation when the bite is slow.
  5. fished from cherry beach to snoops this evening with no luck. tons of boats on the river but only noticed a few nets hit the water. vis was good. idk what is preventing them to fire up. hope it turns on soon!
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  6. The whip has turned on strong espically with warm weather comming the next few early mornings and evenings will be hot for jigging the whip should lasttil we hours!

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