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  1. I am looking for a hang on treestand with an oversize platform and a trap door design to gain entry from directly underneath stand. I have some older guys that hunt our property and they are really comfortable with that design. I do have one that was bought a decade ago at a hunting show and is a custom stand but there is no brand name on it. The fellas always haggle over who gets in that one all the time. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I have thought of taking stand to a fabricator and having them made as last resort but would prefer to purchase existing product. thanks

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  2. Sounds like you might be referring to a brand that was called the "Easy Way Treestand." We have about a half dozen of them, but like you I haven't been able to find any in recent years. Apparently they went out of business.

  3. I have two trapdoor stands and I think the name is "Right Way", maybe it is "easy-way". I still have the box at my cabin with address and phone #. Purchased about 6-7 years ago at the Woods-n-Water show. Company out of Bad Axe or somewhere near that town. Have not seen them since that year.
    I don't see how you could make a better stand for a crossbow or gun hunter.
    They are very heavy and had to use a pulley to get them into the tree. Leave them in the tree all year. Lengthen chain each fall and remove rachet straps and put them back on around Labor Day.
    Ladderstands should be easy enough for most older hunters to get into and out of. I use a safety line on all of my ladderstands too, probably not needed, but I tie in when I leave the ground.

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  4. They shoulda named those stands, the 'treehouse'! Sounds cool, but seems like it could be more of a hassle too.
  5. Yep, that's the one I'm talking about. They were made by Braun-Woodke and sold as Easy Way tree stands. When they went out of business they sold the concept to StrongBuilt stands who now also have apparently went out of business.

    On a few properties we used to hunt I liked the padlock feature on the trap door - made it awfully hard for someone else to hunt out of the stand, which is a problem we had for a while.
  6. Yeah that padlock feature on the trapdoor does stop unwanted vistors. I learned the 1st year that a spare key needs to be hidden nearby to prevent an angry walk back to the cabin.
    Nice memory on the name, that's it for sure.
    As Slapchopkid said, it is like a little treehouse. With the shooting rails on and the camo curtain you are covered up to your armpits. A good height for resting your crossbow or rifle on.

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  7. thanks for the comebacks guys ! the show that stand was purchased at was the woods and water show but it is definately not real heavy. seems to me like it is all aluminum. Obviously, ladderstands are great for older hunters and we have 7 up already. Height is king and ladderstands just dont get up enough.
  8. I have 2 of those and they are the most uncomfortable stand I have ever sat in. They also creek like crazy. The extra 2 feet is nice but I love my 20' biggame ladder stands. I think I am running 12 of those now without a single issue....unless I leave the seat out for the squirrels to chew on

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