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  1. Well I just have to say that 2 of our very own MTB members and past councilmen Daryl Quidort and Denny Sturgis Jr. make, without a doubt the BEST bowhunting videos out there! I just bought a video from 3-Rivers Archery called "Javelina" which is produced by Denny and Daryl and its a winner! Like all of their other videos of course!
    I also got "Traditional Adventures" by Bill Langer and it is awesome! Bill's videos are also of high quality. I have most of Fred Eichler's videos and they are great too. These fellas are having far too much fun doing what they love. Makes me hate my job even more! :lol:
  2. I think I have most of Fred's & Bill's videos, however I never knew that Daryl & Denny had any videos. What are the names of there other video's I would like to get them.

    A couple of years ago my buddy and I started to put togehter a tape of just some good ole boys hunting. We have some great footage of camp and beautiful country, but the game pole is pretty bare:lol: . So we to keep hunting, darn it all anyway;) .

  3. Denny and Daryl's company is called Vision Quest. Their best video is called "Traditional Vision Quest". They work with Black Widow and did a video called " African Dream". They also work with 3-Rivers doing a series and "Javelina" is the one I just got. All are high quality and entertaining! :D
  4. Dont forget their new video Black Widow "Reflections" its alot like vision quest. two thumbs up :>)
  5. Daryl gave me Traditional Vision Quest & African Dreams.
    I will agree they a some of the best DVD's on traditional bow hunting

    Traditional Vision Quest seems to be out your backdoor hunting
    not a $10.000 game ranch hunt.

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