Tittabawassee river up to Dow Dam

Discussion in 'Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries' started by Airboatman, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Any body doing any good on walleye from Caldwell boat launch up to Dow dam? Is there a lot of boats on the river?

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  2. Fished that stretch tonight. My buddy got a new boat today, so we actually spent more time tooling around than fishing. Might have had a couple bites but never hooked into anything. Talked to quite a few people, most weren't doing real good, but there were a few that got into the fish. More boats than I expected for a Monday, but it wasn't packed by any means.

  3. Not a lot of fish up there, river went down another foot as the dam was not open this weekend. River is very low.:sad:

  4. You were the only tool on that boat. lol :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  5. I was down at the river today and actually the water is up almost a foot since Friday.....a little more stain to it as well.
  6. LoL, coming from the tool that couldn't figure out which way to turn the motor to turn the boat? :lol: Or is this coming from the tool that was inches from jackknifing his trailer at 15 mph trying to back in to the launch? :lol: Or, is this coming from the tool that would have had to drift all the way back to the launch if this "tool" wouldn't have been there to get your motor running for you, and teach you that putting the motor in gear has nothing to do with adjusting the Lean/Rich Low Idle Adjustment? :lol:
    Just messing with ya, we were all new to boating at one point, it'll be second nature in no time.

    P.S. How was backing into the driveway? :yikes:
  7. I can remember my first back into the driveway with a boat. Lets just say I held up traffic a bit!:)
  8. Wow I knew I was going to get called out for that post. :lol::lol: Backing in was really easy got it on my second try but used the driveway right across from me. I had plenty of room for error and I used most of it. :lol: I would have figured it out eventually.... if not it would have been a good story. lol Going to give it a shot in the morning:confused: trial and error.
  9. anyone been doing any good by the Dow Dam?
  10. fished upstream of the dam, and got one 3 pound female..only fished for an hour or so.
  11. I fished out of Caldwell today. The fishing is done for the season there. Water was high and fast. Visibility was 6 inches. Any fish will be gone. If we see any rain at all Im guessing the river will be over the banks in the next few days. Good luck and see you April 24.
  12. opened one of the turbines at the sanford dam today, that stirred the water up and rose it a good couple feet. that made the fishing suck, but it wasn't terrible last night...hopefully this weekend will bring some good before closing. Good Luck.
  13. i got 2 1/2 there the other night...the two that were legal were 16-18 small males and the 1/2 was just pushing 12 so he is still swimming..Night fishing..not a great day out but a tasty one for sure

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