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  1. I recently inhereted this Thompson's Center New Englander Muzzle Loader. I don't have the manual for the gun and I just e-mailed Thomson's Center for the manual but I thought I would ask a few questions here. This was my Grandfathers gun and he would always use the granual pyrodex powder and he would shoot the Maxi-Hunter bullets which he would lubricate. What I would like to know is if I can safely use the pellet style pyrodex powder or even the Triple 7 pellets instead of the granual powder. I would also like to know if I could shoot something like the Thompson's Center Shock Wave Sabot bullets. I would like to use this instead so I don't have to lubricate the bullets. Please let me know what you think and thanks for your help!


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  2. The twist in the barrel is most likely not fast enough to stabilize a sabot. You can try it though, I have heard some people have gotten it to work. Off the top of my head I think it is a 1 in 48" twist which is generally considered a conical bullet twist. You can buy the bullets prelubed if you don't want to bother lubing them yourself.
    Pellets don't work well if at all in a side lock gun. Your going to have to stick with loose powder. Get some speed loaders to carry in the field, it's as fast as loading pellets.

  3. I will give you my opinion. I have one very similar. You cannot use powder pellets, as it does not have a straight shot from the ignition.( maybe you could use powder for a primer?) I have always heard pyrodex is very abbrasive. I use ffg black powder with patch and round ball. I dont think that gun has the proper rifle twist for shooting sabbots. The best patch lubricant our group of hunters have found is hoppes(sp?) patch lub/powder solvent. It doubles as your loading patch lube and also works well for cleaning after shooting several shots. Also you get many more shots before the gun loads hard.

    I also have changed ignition nipple over to a musket cap, have yet to have a missfire with this. I used to shoot hole for hole with this gun at 50 yards, using open sights. I,ve had the gun for 24 years, not sure my eyes are capable anymore.:lol: This company makes barrels for that gun, they have several options/twist for shooting whatever ball or bullet you want. Like I said this is just my opinion with a little experience thrown in, hope it helps.
  4. i've shot plenty of pellots in my new englander..especially at the range where i want to shoot several rounds..i just put in a touch of ffg black powder before the pellot. a lot easier to clean that way even if it is a little bit of a pain..
    i'd stick with the patched round ball for better accuracy..
  5. As was stated heavier conicals will most likely give better accuracy in that rifle. You might look at the Hornady Great plains bullets that are pre-lubed but not nearly as messy as Maxi-hunters. They are probably about the same price or cheaper than sabots.

    That rifle can be treated like any T/C with a 1 in 48" rifling twist. It's just a Renegade or Hawken with a round barrel. They just weren't nearly as popular.
  6. I have a CVA in 58 caliper that has the slow twist in the barrel. It shoots well with full conical bullets from Hornady. I use approx. 100 grains of pyrodex(loose) and hit hits a 6" paper plate every time at 100 yards open sights. I woud think the TC would have similar results.
  7. I have the a New Englander and yes it does have a 1 in 48 twist in the barrel so concials are yer best bet. I shot mine with many different loads and the most accurate load I developed was 80 grains of FFG Black Powder and a 385 grain Horndy Great Plain's bullet which comes pre lubed. I kilt many deer with that round it will serve you well.
  8. Those are nice rifles!! Good advice by many above...stick with loose powder and quality conicals and that thing will be a deer killing machine! The 1-48 twist is a tweener twist or conical twist. It will work with round balls, but ideal round ball twist is 1-66. The 1-48 is good for conicals, but to slow for sabots. This is fine since conicals hammer game.
  9. My .54 cal New Englander likes 80g Goex 2f black powder under a .530 ball and a .015 T/C patch lubed with Wonder-Lube. Trajectory is+1.5" at 50 yards, 0" at 75 yards, -3" at 100 yards.
  10. :yeahthat:I have that gun too. Only thing I do different is 90 grains of powder
  11. I just got One of these T/C .54 Cal. and have come to find out that the local sporting good shops in the Saginaw area don't really have much when it comes to these firearms. Any suggestions?
  12. I had to wait a few months for some roundball,patches took awhile too.You just have to be patient and visit some gunshops .When I found the 54 roundball they were $17.99 @ 100
  13. Had one also,it shot the round balls great with 80-90 grains. but would not soot if any rain or damp weather, as I said I had one.
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    Very cool will be a joy to hunt with grandpa's gun this fall. Good luck!!!

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