The rut!

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by jasonvanorder, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Anybody want to take a guess on the timing of the rut this year? An article I read said it would take place mid to late Nov. this year very similar to 2005.

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  2. Because of the bait ban the rut is being boycotted....sorry

    :D....I'm planning things around mid November

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  3. Who cares, be out there regardless. Anytime in november is gonna be good. The pre rut always been good to me.
  4. Are you defining the rut as the period of intense breeding when most people see a lull in action or the chase phase when bucks are running around with their pants off looking for dudes to fight and chicks to love? I'm betting on 5th-8th for chase, and 8th to the 15th for breeding. Everything else has been early this year, why not this too?
  5. Well, my buddy Charles Alsheimer who writes for D&DH magazine (no I really don't know him) predicts that the rut will not hit the northern states until near Thanksgiving. He and his partner have been doing rut studies for the past 30 years and they believe it is triggered by the second autumnal full moon which is going to be pretty late this year. SO we shall have to wait and see! His article is in the October issue of D&DH magazine which is one of my favorite reads. Good luck to all!

  6. on versus (not that they are the gods or anything) but I do recall them saying it will be 3 weeks late. Due to the moon cycle this year peak breeding from Nov. 17th - 25th or something like that. Every 11years its late and this year for some reason its REALLY late. So they compared it to 1997 and 2005, both had late moon cycles. Who cares, Nov. is the ticket, thats when I use up my saved time off. :)
  7. The rut in general is not triggered by the phase of the moon. Its triggered by the length of days and slightly by the weather, but only slightly. So I predict the same as last year unless there is a really cold snap or a dry heat wave.
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  8. I'm going out on a limb here and am going to say that peak breeding activity will be the 15th of November give or take a couple of days just like it has since the Wisconsin Ice Sheet receeded about 10,000 years ago.

    I fully agree that photo period has much more to do with it than moon phase (but moon phase rut predictions sure sell magazines). Always has and always will. Only a major sustained climactic change will alter the breeding dates any significant amount. Over a 50 year period if the winters become shorter than the rut might fall differently because the fawns won't need to be dropped so early to prepare for the oncoming winter.

    The effect moon phase has on it is that with a full moon more activity happens at night instead of during daylight hours. This means you might not see so many bucks out and about because they are laid up during the day causing many hunters erroneously to think that the rut was early or later than normal because of lack of deer sightings that signal the chase phase.

    This year should be outstanding during early and mid November due to moon phase and the early harvest of corn. We know the rut will be sometime in the middle of November regardless of the actual date. I've scheduled my long weekend for November 5-8.
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  9. If it happens every 11 years how could, including this year, it have happened three times since 1997--13 years ago? Does that discredit the all-knowing versus professors?

    One previous poster had it right--it is to sell magazines. My dad took the same week off every year, the full week before November 15, and shot a buck during that week every year. He always told me that if he could choose one day to be in the woods, it would be November 13. Personally, I have had better luck between the 5th - 10th as far as seeing bucks, however, I have killed two bucks on the 13th.

    I guarantee that you will see more activity in the week before November 15th than you do in the week or weeks after November 15th, no matter what the moon phase is. There is one thing in Michigan that always kills rut activity and that is when our woods turn into a pumpkin patch and the deer, in turn, only move at night.
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    It's November 7 this year - I've been right for 5 straight years now. I even took the 8th off in case the celebration gets too intense.
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    Moon phases are not the ticket. Weather is not the ticket.
    The rut happens roughly the same time every year. It is triggered by the shortning of day light. Some does will go early some will go later. But typically the majority will all go about the same time.
    Moon and weather may play a factor in deer movement and time of day of that movement but plays no part in triggering a doe into esterouse.
    Most hunters want to be in the woods during the pre rut. This is when bucks are up on their feet scent checking areas does frequent and checking scrapes.
    Note: Majority of scrapes on field edges are not visited much during daylight.
    Note: In areas of high doe populations bucks that are 3.5+ do not spend much time chasing. They typically can bed down near high doe traffic areas and scent check them from a distance.
    Note: Mid day during the pre rut is one of the best times to be in the woods and the least practiced by hunters.
    Note: Pay little attention to the actions of young bucks (1.5 and 2.5) When the big boys start cruising the game is on.
    Note: The peak of the rut is also known as the "lock down" period where bucks tend to be with does for a few days and not out searching. Recent studies are showing that bucks don't always spend as much time with a doe as thought to in the past and have been known to return to the same area to bed after breeding a doe.
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    If the moon cycle played a factor in the timing of the rut there would be years that due to the rut being later that alot of fawns would be born much later and would not be up to their potential health wise to make it through winter in good health.
    Now on the other hand the days get shorter about the same time year after year, this is more consistant with the timing of conception and the birth of the spring fawns.

    Read this thread from a month ago Novembersunrise provides good info from a study.
  13. I like halloween
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  14. My thoughts exactly.....I have Oct. 29, 30, 31 and Nov. 1st off of work.

    Will be in my stand all of those days....if necessary.:D

    As far as timing the rut.....there is no exact science to it.

    I prefer to hunt during the "chase phase", instead of when the actual breeding is taking place. It is a little more difficult to pull a buck away from a willing doe at that particular time.


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