The Portable Hunting Cabin

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by MSUSPARTANPRIDE, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Something kool I seen surfing around. Check it out. Looks really sweet.


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  2. Looks like a great idea all you would need is a nice piece of flat level ground to sit it on.

  3. 6inchtrack

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    Thats way cool
  4. I think with a little marketing, the guy could have a gold mine there.
  5. Looks pretty cool. Hard to believe it can be set up in an hour and a half.
  6. I sent an email, the reply is at work, but if I remember correctly the plans are either $13 or $17 plus $3 shipping.

    I'm pretty sure I am going to order them.
  7. We started this one to use on the state land. 12x16. Took these pictures before we had the canvas tarp made for the roof. Went to an local Amish tarp shop and they made one 16x20 out of heavy waxed canvas with a grommet every foot for just under $200. Got a free cast Iron stove from an old guy I know. Goes together with carraige bolts and wing nuts. Got the idea from another group of guys that were camping in the local SGA.


    Even made a set of bunk beds for me and my kid.
  8. I was a little off. The price is $10 plus $3 shipping.
  9. that is pretty slick! Thanks for posting!
  10. I sent away for the plans a week ago. And I received them today. I tell you what they are detailed. I plan on starting the project this spring. I will update everyone when I start.
  11. My brother in law and I Built a 12x12 portable cabin last year. Cost us under $300. We added a wood stove to keep it nice and warm. Plus my bil does all the cooking on it. It comes apart in 5x12 sections and fits in my trailer. Sure beats the tent. I have pictures in the photo gallery dont know how to post them
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    Cool pics outfitter.
  13. Very cool Outfitter! I like the rest of the pics in your album too.

    Can anyone see the picture dead short posted? For some reason I can never see the pics he posts.
  14. I'm going to paint mine to look like a Strip Club!
    This way no matter how lost or how drunk we get, I'll always be able to find it!

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