Texan reloader?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by marshbandit, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. I aquired a house from my girlfrield's uncle and he was quite a collector. Yesterday I found a Texan reloader in the botoom of a chest, still wrapped in plastic with the user manual and warrenty card. Anybody ever use one of these units? It seems to be heavier duty than my Mec. I'll post a pic later today.

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  2. It looks like this thing hasn't loaded a single round. The date on the manual is 1971.

  3. I have one but its not a shot shell reloader. I got it used from a local sporting goods store probably 20 some years ago. It still works great, and yes it heavy duty.
  4. I have a reloading press, and the holder where you slide the shell holders in broke, And was wondering if anyone knew where to get parts,

    It is an old press with 7 die holders, which you can rotate by hand, It probably weighs 30 lbs. or more. The person who gave it to me said it was a texan press, But couldn't find a name or numbers on it unless they are underneath as I have it mounted.

    Also am new here, So Howdy to everyone.
    Stephen aka Coyote killer
  5. Sounds as if you have a Texas Turret press all cast iron and steel. Great press!!

    The shell holder is called a univrsal H ram, part no. 407190.

    You will find it at www.ch4d.com under presses.
  6. lived in dallas this was my first intro to shot shell loading the fw texan.. no instructions knew nothing about how to ..was at gibsons listned to 2 men talking about reloading .found out how to ,and have been loading from 1960 till today
    interest is sub cal. now into 14 when my barrel gets back. thats how i found this site vh mag. 14-221 article. need in put..

    ??? anyone know where herters u9 aka bsa parts might be found?? have found parts@num.
  7. I have what sounds like the same press. It is red. No numbers or name on it anywhere. Don't bother dis-mounting it, (I did mine) and there is nothing on the bottom, either!
  8. I live in western NY, not too far from Niagara Falls. Been reloading for over 40 years. Mostly pistol, but some rifle, too.
    Dabble in Blacksmithing, riding my motorcycle, metal detecting some, when I get the chance.
  9. Welcome to the forum BMW
  10. I have this same loader. I bought mine in 1967 new and it is a heavy loader. I have loaded thousands of rounds on it with out a problem. The Mec shot bushings on some of the older loaders will fit it as will a few of the parts
  11. Thats a really classy looking loader Scout. They don't make them like that anymore. That loader has character. :)
  12. My dad had one like it back in '71 too. We put lots of trap loads through it before he bought a texan M-IV progressive. I loaded most of our field and waterfowl loads with the FW until he sold it in '74. I bought a used FW about 4 years ago. Works just like Dad's did but I need to adjust it with something other than memory.

    Does anyone have the original FW instruction and adjustment manual they could scan or photocopy? I got a barely readable .pdf from a guy named skeettx on the CastBoolits forum--the words are readable but the exploded diagram is really muddy and can't be read.

  13. Skees,

    Were you ever able to find a copy of the manual? I have recently acquired an old
    Texan FW and I've spent some time looking for a manual and haven't had any luck
    at all. I wouldn't mind paying for a good copy now considering the time I've spent looking.
  14. Nick60--
    I do have the rather muddy .pdf from skeettx I can send you. PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you what I have. I'm still looking for a pristine copy
  15. Skees was kind enough to send me the copy. He's right, it is muddy. But it's better than nothing. I'm still on the hunt and have several feelers out so if (and when) I ever find a copy I will make sure to let anyone who needs a copy have one.

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