TC Shockwave Ballistic Chart

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Luckystrike, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. I'm shooting 250 Grain TC Shockwaves with 100 grain of 777. I'm at 0 at 125 yards. Wondering if anyone has a ballistics chart, or has the drop out to 250? Thanks for the help.

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  2. Check out the Hornady website. Shockwaves and Hornady SST's are the same exact bullet, made by Hornady. I believe they post some ballistic charts. Take those with a grain of salt though! Every gun is a bit different and will produce a little different velocity etc.
    This may not be the case here, but many people want to look at ballistic charts and then use them as a shortcut and think they can automaticaly shoot 250 yards etc, etc. Again, not accusing you of this, but it happens everyday. Use the chart as a tool to help you sight the gun in and then shoot at the range and distance you plan to attempt a shot in the field.

  3. Thanks Swamp. Not trying to make any shortcuts, just having a discussion/arguement with a friend.
  4. No problem.....we do that all the time right here on this forum!:D

    The Pryodex website may have some charts as well if I remember correctly. I know some are out there........l
  5. :lol: THERE IS..... ballistic software that you can buy that will give you all the information that you'd like and more than most will use. BUT..... you'll need to spend some additional cash and purchase a Chronograph, to check and know the velocity and, you'll need to know the bullet coefficients for the different bullets or bullet that you intend to shoot.

    NOTHING..... beats the shoot'n range!

    Best of luck!
  6. The Hornady 45-250 SST's w/2 50 gr pyrodex pellets zeroed @ 150 will be +2.8" @ 100 yards and -7.2" @ 200 yards according to the literature provided by Hornady that came with the SST's.

    Ive never attempted to shoot my ML that far, but if i had to to guess, based on that chart id say @ 250 yards youd at least tripple the -7.2", if not more being zeroed @150 yards.

    Just curious, for those that do know, am i close on the drop? :16suspect:D:(:lol:
  7. ;)
  8. Well, they dont give a trajectory at 250 yds but at 300 yds its -38.2". So, id say my guess of tripling the -7.2" at 200 yards for the 250 yd mark was pretty close when the zero is at 150 yds....I think ill leave that shot to my .270 WSM.:D...Cool link, thanks.
  9. Well.............. who won the discussion/arguement? ;)
  10. I wasnt involved in that discussion/argument(it was Luckystrike ;)), i was just curious as to drop at that range once the topic was brought up. But with the BC i found out for myself. Thanks for the link.;)

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