Target Shooting on State Land?

Discussion in 'Archery' started by k9wernet, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I know you can shoot clays on state land. You can target shoot with a handgun or rifle. How about a bow and arrow?

    I'm heading up north tomorrow for grouse hunting, but it looks like a good chunk of the middle of the day will be too hot to run the dogs. Thought I might use that time to set up a target and work on my archery skills.

    Anybody know if I'm at risk for getting nailed for alleged poaching?


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  2. If you have a target set up it will be clear to any DNR officer what your intent is.;)

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  4. That pertains to State Park and Recreation Area.

    You can shoot on stateland that is designated for hunting. IE, Onsted State Game Area, you can't at Sharon Valley because there is a state range there. But pretty much if you can hunt the stateland you can target shoot on it.
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  5. Check parks and rec in the area first... just to be sure.
  6. Be sure to check in the directors orders as to some specific places where target shooting and trap/skeet are not allowed.

    Not sure where up north is for you and where you are ultimately headed.
  7. Don't sweat it. That trip came and went a couple months ago! :D

    In the end, the car was so loaded up that I didn't have room for my bow or target. I did nail a deer early in the season, so the lack of practice didn't hurt!

  8. I didn't even realize the date of the first posting. The posting earlier yesterday threw me off.

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